Friday, February 27, 2015

50 states QAL Florida

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This week’s block is FLORIDA!
(It’s where I moved to From Denmark when I was 18 to go to college and soon after met my husband!
we lived there until 2004 so around 8yrs for me)
Florida flag
And some facts about the sunshine state

  • Admission to Statehood: March 3, 1845 (27th State)
  • Capital City: Tallahassee
    Greater Miami is the only metropolitan area in the United States whose borders encompass two national parks. You can hike through pristine Everglades National Park or ride on glass-bottom boats across Biscayne National Park.
    Saint Augustine is the oldest European settlement in North America. (Wish we would have gone there, but never did)
    Orlando attracts more visitors than any other amusement park destination in the United States.
    Cape Canaveral is America's launch pad for space flights. (We’d see then from where we lived and just saw a little flying dot!)
    Florida is not the southernmost state in the United States. Hawaii is farther south.
    A museum in Sanibel owns 2 million shells and claims to be the world's only museum devoted solely to mollusks.(There is a store on Sanibel Island called “she sells sea shells by the sea shore”)
    The United States city with the highest rate of lightning strikes per capita is Clearwater.
    Gatorade was named for the University of Florida Gators where the drink was first developed
    May 20, 1970 Florida lawmakers passed and sent to the Governor a bill adopting the moonstone as the official state gem. Ironically, the moonstone is not found naturally in Florida...nor was it found on the moon
    Miami installed the first bank automated teller machine especially for rollerbladers
    Fort Lauderdale is known as the Venice of America because the city has 185 miles of local waterways (Sure is!! We used to stay at Isle of Venice when we visited as tourists before I moved there)
    Florida is the only state that has 2 rivers both with the same name. There is a Withlacoochee in north central Florida (Madison County) and a Withlacoochee in central Florida. They have nothing in common except the name. (ummm DUH?? why??)
    An End to a LegendAmelia Earhart left for her trip around the world in 1937. The last time she was seen on land was in Miami just before she took off.
    Save Your MoneyIf you don't like handing your money over to the government, hit up Florida for your next state of residence. They don't require you to pay personal income tax and they have only had a minimum wage since 2004.
    Open SesameEvery building used for public purposes has to have outward opening doors.
    You know, this prevents you from storming out and letting the door hit you from behind.
    (Actually, kidding aside, it has to do with strong winds during hurricane season.)
    Quit Flapping Your Jaws!You will definitely want to hit the beach while in Florida, but watch what comes out of your mouth while prancing through the sand happily. It is actually illegal for anyone in a swimming suit to sing while in public!
    Knock! Knock!It's always inconvenient when your neighbor's house goes ablaze. In Florida it becomes an even bigger nuisance because you are legally required to go tell them their house is on fire.
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    QuiltShopGal said...

    So bizarre that it is illegal for anyone in a swimming suit to sing while in public! Yet in my community, we have an old law on the books where 4 or more women can not live in the same house as it is considered a brothel.


    threadlady said...

    Am keeping up, but don't know all rules for "linky", so only the first two rows show. I have cut the edging triangles so I can start putting the quilt together. This is also so I can see what fabrics have been used on the nearby blocks when they are completed. Of course, after doing that this week, I had the same blue in connecting blocks (?!), so decided to remove that blue from one of them. Hopefully it won't happen again - lol.

    Michele said...

    I like the block and I continue to enjoy all of the tidbits you are sharing about each state.

    Sowing Stitches said...

    Fun block! And as a native of Florida I must add this to my to-do list! :)