Monday, January 12, 2015

Women of the bible blocks

In the women of the bible study and BOW QAL, we’ve started the new testament women. If you want to join, you can still do a quilt or a small quilt/runner with just the women of the new testament, look here.

Here is Elizabeth


Now Mary’s block was a star of bethlehem, but I ended up changing it to a swoon block and they looked very similar but had a different center. I still printed foundation patterns and with 3” blocks, these pieces are teeny tiny!

Here’s a trimmed and un-trimmed strip


and here’s the completed block, look at that medium blue, there’s only enough to show maybe ONE star on the print…. even though this block was a challenge, I LOVE how it turned out!


Here’s the two blocks together



Diane-crewe said...

really like the fabrics you chose x well done x

Calicojoan said...

My BFF is working on this one right now too! Love it!

Clare said...

Hi. Nice to see someone else working on Women of the Bible` blocks. I`m having trouble with computer/printer issues. Once solved I will catch up. Happy Stitching.