Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Quilt marketplace 2015


This weekend we ALL went to a Quilt marketplace, I try to go every year, it’s just a BUNCH of vendors/stores and it’s fun!

I had a free ticket to get in from my quilt guild and printed coupons for 1$ off for the rest, I figured Sonja was free, but to my surprise all the kids were free, so only my husband paid to get in.

And the ladies at the front, gave the kids a treasure hunt, Sonja had to find a quilt with bunnies in a carrot patch and count how many bunnies.

Solveig had to find a giraffe and tell what was on it’s ear ( I knew the answer to that one as I’m still working on that quilt!)

Bjorn had to find a punch bug beetle car and see what color it was, so they ran around and figured out the answers and went back and each got a prize (an eraser) I thought that was GREAT!


some of the vendors at the show don’t have a store front, so I was excited to see Sharon- a former store owner- who I used to quilt for a lot and referred a lot of business to me back then.

So it was a great photo-op Smile


Sharons sold a lot of wool kits and these adorable sheep pincushions, I really wanted one! (maybe I’ll work something out with her if/when I quilt for her next time)-hint hint…


Sonja got upset toward the end of it, but it worked out that we were pretty much done and the kids had a birthday party to go to in the afternoon and hubby and I went out for a lunch date- sushi!! yummy


Even though it wasn’t a trued quilt SHOW, each vendor had beautiful quilts hanging and this one was near the bathrooms- just gorgeous!

as always, it was very inspirational!


Did you do any quilty stuff over the weekend?


Diane-crewe said...

what a fun way to spend the morning .. and so great that they found a way for the children to be involved and have FUN .. so giving them a positive (well until the end!.. love that face by the way xx).memory of being dragged to a "quilt do" by mum xx

Michele said...

Nope! Only de-Christmas-ing my house.

Barb said...

How fun to go with the family!!!

Carol said...

Ahh. Looks like fun. We have a quilt market coming up soon. Hope I can go. I spent time this weekend cleaning up my sewing room. Does that count?