Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Long arm quilting Chevron quilt

Katie sent me a quilt to long arm for her, this fun chevron quilt!

I don’t think I’ve ever quilted something with that much empty space.


I looked at the quilt and wanted to do something simple yet fun, so I came up with this squiggly chevron line


The light is bad here but at the bottom of the quilt I quilted the recipients name in between the wavy lines.

I marked with pins, where the tips of the chevrons WOULD have been further down the quilt and sort of followed it but wanted some lines to be skinny and some be thicker and kind of random.

The blocks were 6” tall so from the bottom of one chevron after filling up the block and to the top of the next chevron I needed 12” of space, so it was trickier than it looked, but still pretty simple.


I also filmed how I quilted it (haven’t used my camera in so long and know the angle is kind of off, will try again another time)

quilting a chevron quilt

Any ideas about where to mount the camera on my machine?


Vickie said...

That was neat watching you quilt from your view !

KatieLaughridge said...

I just love the quilting, Bea! Especially Noah's name. I pieced some colorful binding this weekend and got it attached. Now I just have to finish it by hand! :) Can't wait to give it to him!

Love the video!!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Neat quilting Bea and how neat to put Noah's name on it!

Carol Steely said...

I like that. It's different and fun.

SewMisadventurous said...

I think that the quilting is Genius Bea, it echoes the Chevrons yet isn't just more straight lines, and I bet he'll be a really happy little boy when he spots his name in it. Another job Well Done.

Michele said...

It really looks great and was perfect for the design of that quilt.

Carla said...

What a cool quilting technique. I like that much better than plain ole straight lines. Lucky little boy.