Tuesday, January 6, 2015

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday–sweater quilt


In November I show this quilt that I designed for McCall’s


I was inspired by one of my favorite sweaters



The design is pretty easy, as it’s all squares, but I wanted to show also how I expanded the design when I realized I needed more columns and rows.

First I started a quilt layout like this with 25 x 24 blocks that are each 2” when done



I colored it in like the shirt


Then I decided to add a border/row to the top. I added it under the BORDER tab and chose blocks and selected 25 and of course had it be 2” as well Smile


I then decided that the orange didn’t work and made it light blue instead, by clicking light blue color and the spraycan and holding down CTRL and clicking on the orange and all the blocks that are orange turn light blue.


Then I expanded it on the sides to complete that sort of diamond design


I added 3 rows to the sides in the same way and counted how many rows I had to match with the amount of blocks Smile


Then I decided to add another design to the bottom like the top design


As you can see, now it’s up to 18 borders….


Once I had the final design, I imported the mirage fabrics from connecting threads.com and inserted them so I knew EXACTLY what the quilt would look like.


I’ve made a tutorial in the past about how to import fabrics, and CT is great that they already have the FAB files for you here, so it’s super easy- they even have directions HOW to download and save onto your computer!

For the mirage fabrics, you have to go to the mirage page and click download on the top left here.

So here’s the challenge for this tutorial and I’ll feature the one with the most LIKES, next month.

DOWLOAD a Connecting threads fabric collection into EQ and play with ANYTHING and upload a design.

I’ll keep the linky open for 2 weeks!

Those of you who don’t have EQ- please LIKE some of the designs.

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Susan Arnold said...

Great post Bea! I've done that too, increased the size by adding borders. Hope to participate in the linky, but the next two weeks are really busy with prep for Road2CA. Happy New Year!