Friday, January 16, 2015

50 states quilt along week 3 arizona

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It’s week 3 with the 50 states weekly QAL

This is Arizona


Here’s some fun facts about the state

Arizona flag

Arizona became the 48th state on February 14, 1912.

Capitol city is Phoenix

The Arizona trout is found only in the Arizona.

The saguaro cactus blossom is the official state flower. The white flower blooms on the tips of the saguaro cactus during May and June. The saguaro is the largest American cactus.

The age of a saguaro cactus is determined by its height.

The cactus wren is the official state bird. It grows seven to eight inches long and likes to build nests in the protection of thorny desert plants like the arms of the giant saguaro cactus.

Arizona leads the nation in copper production.

The amount of copper on the roof of the Capitol building is equivalent to 4,800,000 pennies.

Arizona is home of the Grand Canyon National Park.  (I flew over it with my dad in 1996 in a small plane- BEAUTIFUL!)

The colors blue and gold are the official state colors.

In 1939 architect Frank Lloyd Wright's studio, Taliesin West, was built near Phoenix. (Love Frank Lloyd Wright)

Has the most telescopes in the world, in Tucson

Navajo Spies
The Navajo Indians of Arizona have their own language which few others understand.
That is what gave the U.S. an advantage in the Second World War Many of our secret agents were of Navajo decent which ensured our biggest secrets were completely safe.

Stretched Thin
Do you think it's possible to stand in one spot and be in four different states at the same time? Of course it's possible! You just have to travel to Four Corners which is a spot in Arizona that also happens to be a spot in three other states. Something to think about while your road trip planning.

24-hours, Everyday
Arizona locals never have to give up an hour in the spring but they also never get to sleep in one hour in the fall. This is because they don't observe daylight savings time. They just stick with Mountain Standard Time all year round.

Spur Scorn
Take off the spurs before you hit your hotel because they are not legal in the lobby.
At least the cowboys can still wear their loaded holsters and fringe infested vests.

Backwards Barricades
Make sure you never get lost or need to parallel park in Glendale, Arizona. This city forbids cars from going in reverse. You would have to write them in advance and ask if that applies to RVs too.

Tub o' Mules
Good news! Your bathtub is completely safe in Arizona. It is illegal for donkeys to sleep in the tub, which is great news if you really like napping in the tub alone.

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Michele said...

I'm really enjoying the chuckles your QAL is providing.

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Neat block Bea!