Friday, January 2, 2015

50 states quilt along week 1

covering america2


Here’s week 1 of the Covering American 50 states quilt along using the McCall’s pattern shown.

Blocks are 9” done.

Hope you are sewing along!!?? You can still get the pattern here

Block #1 is Alabama


Here’s some fun facts about Alabama!

Alabama State Flag

Capital, Montgomery

Statehood, Dec. 14, 1819 (22d state)

Nickname, Heart of Dixie

Motto, We Dare Defend Our Rights

Home of

George Washington Carver, who discovered more than 300 uses for peanuts

In the city of Magnolia Springs the mailmen paddle along the river to deliver mail.
This is the only mail route operating entirely on water today.

Silly Alabama Laws

Boogy Woogy
It is illegal to flick your boogers into the Alabama wind, so keep your fingers to your sides when passing through this state. Picking your brother or sister's boogers for them isn't legal either!

Domino Defiance
Put away the Dominoes before going to sleep Saturday night because they are illegal here on Sundays. Where do you think you are? Vegas?
Hunting Ban
It is also illegal to go out hunting on Sunday. Put the guns away with the dominoes on Saturday night.

I actually cut out the setting triangles too, to not have to worry about them later and to be able to use the rest of the fabric.


If you are sewing along, let me know and I’ll do a linky next week!

Have fun!


Quiltingranny said...

This is pretty awesome! Thank you for sharing the link. You are such an inspiration!

Melody said...

Although I won't be stitching along, I will very much enjoy watching your quilt grow.

Michele said...

Hehehe! Those are some really interesting laws in that state. I'll be sure to keep them in mind if I ever visit there.

Kathleen Charnell said...

how do you download the patterns? Thanks!