Friday, January 23, 2015

50 states quilt along Arkansas


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This week’s block is Arkansas


Here’s some facts about Arkansas!

Arkansas flag

Arkansas became the 25th state on June 15, 1836.

Capitol City: Little Rock

Elevations in the state range from 54 feet above sea level in the far southeast corner to 2,753 feet above at Mount Magazine, the state's highest point.

Arkansas contains over 600,000 acres of lakes and 9,700 miles of streams and rivers.

The mockingbird is the official state bird. It was designated in 1929.

The apple blossom is the official state flower. It was designated in 1901.

The diamond is the official state gem. It was designated in 1967.

It has the only active diamond mine in the U.S.

Proper Pronunciation Please
Everyone who visits the state or just drives through it must know this very simple fact: you pronounce the state name "Arkansaw".
If you spell it wrong you are actually committing a crime, so start practicing right now.

Home of Wal-Mart
One thing of the big city that you will find in Arkansas is Wal-Mart.
Sam Walton brought this mega store into the world right in the heart of Arkansas.
Yes, you can thank good old Sam for bringing you all of those mark downs clearance specials, not to mention, a free camping space for the night.

Farming Gems
John M. Huddleston was a poor Arizona farmer many moons ago.
He struggled to survive in the rough land of AZ for many years, but you shouldn't feel too sorry for him.
Just before he closed his struggling farm he discovered a diamond mine on his property.
It was the only diamond mine on this continent. How's that for a rags-to-riches story?

Love Thy Neighbor
Here's another little story to warm your heart. It's about the Chickasaw and Quapaw Indians during the battle of Chickasaw. In the heat of the battle the Chickasaw Indians ran out of ammunition so the very generous Quapaw Indians split what ammunition they had left with their opponents. They then proceeded to fight to the death.

Fryer Heaven
Go to Arkansas in May and you can enjoy the unique creation of Bernell "Fatman" Austin: fried dill pickles.
Large pickles are sliced then breaded and fried in the version you find today at the Atkins Picklefest, but the treat started out as breaded hamburger slices. Every state has to be known for something, right?

Fun facts

Blue Light Patrol
Fish tanks look great with the fun glow of blue light bulbs, but the fish will have to survive with white light in Arkansas.
Blue light bulbs are illegal in this state.

Dang Those Unions!
Take down the mistletoe and hang this sign before every doorway at the Arkansas State University: No Hand Holding Permitted. At this university, only union members are permitted to hold hands while standing in a doorway.

Gator Bather
You love your pet alligator, but in the state of Arkansas you'll have to find a good swamp for him to bathe in. This state just won't allow alligators to live in your bathtub. Darn!


Any of you from Arkansas?

Did you know any of these facts?

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