Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday Nativity scene FPP block and giveaway


I’ve been working on a PEANUTS! FPP sew along for 2015- wait and see!

Since I saw the blocks I’ve wanted to try to play in EQ7 with FPP blocks

and thought of a nativity scene block.

I looked under google pics and found this one.


So in EQ7 under blocks (easy draw blocks)

I set the block to 6 x 6” and snaps to 48 x 48 with a graph that’s 24 x 24

(later I changed to 96 x 96 and 48 x 48 for the graph)


under the tracing tab, you import a picture


Then find the picture on your computer and leave everything as is and click OK


and just click on the background and it will fill in


Then I started drawing some lines for the roof


Then I drew some more lines


it can help to turn off the picture in the background


and once in a while go back to the color tab and back again to make sure the lines are connected


You can also extend the lines a bit over the other lines when drawing and EQ will make it fit


Finish it up by going back and forth between the color tab and easydraw tab and then color it in. I omitted the star.


If you click on printing foundation pattern it may not show up.

You may have to group them yourselves.


click the START over and do a section and group it together, then continue around


I do think the manger is not going to work when sewing it together..

here it’s fixed


If you want it numbered go to the number tab


and click add numbers


that’s better, you may need to test it or change things around as you go.

I’m still learning this part too


Oops I forgot to end the roof pieces!


You also want to move some of the pieces on the preview screen before printing.



I also found a polar bear like this one and imported it the same way


I found out that FIRST if I split the block into large sections like this, it helps a lot at the end


I chose to have the background line be straight, then the large angled line went from top to bottom for the leg and head and you can see the rest.



I mentioned a giveaway too!

Electric Quilt is giving away one copy of BLOCK BASE!

you do NOT need EQ! it’s a stand alone program for a pc (no mac)

you can read more about it here

here’s just some of the highlights

  • Over 4000 pieced block patterns
  • Amazing historical as well as pattern resource for quilters and quilt historians


    Comment below for an entry to win- you can comment anything, but maybe write about a fun or interesting Christmas tradition you have with your family!

  • For years I’ve been doing an advent calendar for the kids and usually I do a LEGO set! so I buy a rather big set ($40 range this year) and sit with the manual and split it into 24 x 3 sections for my 3 kids, so on day one they get the manual and a few legos for step 1-3 maybe, Sonja would just get a few or one LARGE lego and not be a full step, but as long as she’s part of it, she’s happy!

    If you link up with a nativity scene or polar bear you’ve created in EQ from this tutorial, you get an extra entry- just comment that you did!

  • I will pick a winner on Tuesday the 16th.

    (everyone is welcome to enter, just US only is guaranteed to get it before Christmas- otherwise it can just be a late Christmas gift)

    -must be a follower to win- and MAKE SURE you are NOT a no-reply blogger- if you are and your number gets picked, I pick another number- if you’re not sure, enter your email in the comment-



    link up below with your nativity scene or polar bear block!

    (No one linked up last time so I can’t highlight anything)


    Podunk Pretties said...

    You make that look so easy! I struggle with making pp patterns in EQ.
    Our family started a new tradition 3 yrs of ago of making ugly Christmas sweaters. It's so much easier than shopping for the perfect Christmas outfit.

    Needled Mom said...

    I am fascinated with your ability to transform that picture into a paper pieced block. I am going to have to try that with paper and pencil.

    Debbie Rogowski said...

    Every year my kids come from all over to help make Christmas cookies. It's like a marathon, making at least 5 different kinds.
    Thanks for sharing DMR1157@hotmail.com

    Vicki in MN said...

    You are one clever girl with EQ-I sure do love your tutorials. After the hodlidays I have to sit down and catch up on doing them :-) Thanks for the chance to win!

    Kelly Grace said...

    Every year my mom and sister come over and we spend a day making cookies. They all get split up so we all have goodies! We also started a new tradition this year with Elf on the Shelf. My son is 4 and can understand what it means, the 9 month old has no clue!

    Jeanie said...

    First of all, I'm amazed at how you take a picture and turn it into a quilt pattern. Thanks for the giveaway! The only thing I can think of for a tradition is that I hang a stocking for Jesus with a note of thanksgiving in it. I write a new note each year and discard the old one.

    Annette Schultz said...

    looks easy enough ... now to give it a try.
    A fun Christmas tradition.
    Finding a puzzle to work on and visit over over the holidays
    in stitches

    cucki said...

    Looking so sweet x

    Quilting Tangent said...

    Feeling none breakable Christmas gifts and trying to guess what they where. We couldn't open our gifts until everyone was together. So this stalled the younger members of the family. 24Tangent@gmail.com

    Sewgirl said...

    Well how clever you are! Your designs are fabulous. You are so talented. And I like your Lego idea. We used to just buy the calendar they sell and since I only had two kids, they would get every other day to split. Your's is a better idea, as you have a neat item all done in the end. I bet they love it...so clever!

    Janarama said...

    Amazing how you can transform a picture into a PP pattern. Thanks for all of your EQ tutorials and for this great giveaway. My favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies.

    Leah said...

    Thanks for the great tutorial! Very helpful.

    Kathy said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Kathy said...

    Thank you so much for the tutorial!!! Can you believe I bought EQ7 over a year ago and the learning curve for me is too high so I've only used it like 4 times and given up. This IS exactly what I want to do with it. I will have to view this tutorial many times to get it figured out but appreciate the help very much!!! Thank you...oops forgot to add Christmas traditions of baking lots of holiday cookies with all the kids. Cut out sugar cookies and frosting them are our favorite thing for Christmas.

    Tabitha Keener said...

    My family does a white elephant and we give something that we don't want. It gets so competitive the kids get into it and we all try to take the best stuff, it is so fun. My aunt got an enema and said "I really needed one of these!" It was hilarious because she was so serious. Thanks so much!

    tdkcarpenoctem (at) hotmail (dot) com

    Kathy Boice said...

    I just want to say thank you for this giveaway and Merry Christmas! midwayfarms@hughes.net

    Darlington Delights said...

    We have a family ornament exchange. It's fun to watch the collections grow over the years. Thanks for the tutorial and the giveaway. I follow by email.

    margaret said...

    you are a wiz on EQ7 amazing what you are doing

    Katkat said...

    When my boys were kids, we went out on Christmas Eve to see Christmas lights and while we were gone, Santa would come. We would open our presents when we got home. This expanded to include a trip to The Gilcrease Museum(we call it the boy museum) in Tulsa and a movie.

    Mary r said...

    Amazing. Thanks. Thinking mug rugs

    Rhonda Kennedy said...

    Bea, You have been a huge mentor of mine in the quilting world since I first met you (online of course). This tutorial just proves how creative you are. I wish I had time to slow down for a second and make this block just because. You are so giving with your training and sharing. I know that each post you post, helps quilters all over. Thank you!

    tac73 said...

    Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. Makes me wish for a new version of EQ for Christmas. We have a cookie making tradition for the holiday. Have to have them ready for Santa.

    Lori said...

    this is so cool Oh my goodness I have fallen in love with PP. I would love to take pictures that I have and make my own PP images. This is a wonderful give a way. Thank you so much for the chance. I love your idea with the Advent. I use to do one for each of the kids. One boy, one girl. And depending on their age and what their likes were is what I would do. Some days things would have to go together to make a whole. Some days where for fun. They both enjoyed them tremendously.

    Kwilt Krazy said...

    Thanks for the tutorial...I have thought about buying block base for a while. Maybe I won't have to 😋. We always have a little tree decorating party which is what my husband and I are doing tonight. Music, cookies, etc

    TheStylishHome said...

    I'll be reading with interest. My oldest is grown and gone. I'm on round 2 with little ones and looking to start some new traditions :) I've seen one where they get a book each day of advent....I like that!!

    You made that look so easy!!

    Sonja Mclane said...

    This would be an awesome program for my daughter and I!!!!! She enjoys helping me draw out my handmade appliques. She is definately my artist at 15 then we quilt together. sonjasmith76@yahoo.com

    Judy1522 said...

    When my kids were little my favorite traditions was making them new pajamas for Christmas.

    Debbie said...

    I love all your tutorials. You are so creative. Thank you for always sharing your talent. Thanks for the great giveaway too, I would love to win. :) I've also shared your giveaway on my Giveaway List for sewers & quilters at WowILikeThat.com. Thanks again. (debbie at wowilikethat dot com)

    Andrea York said...

    Grab a thermos of hot chocolate, some cookies and a quilt. Jump in the car with the kids and drive around looking at all the Christmas lights and decorations! Bring the neighbor's kids too. Lots of fun!

    juliehallfeldhaus said...

    We go to church on Christmas morning a great way to start the day. Thanks

    Judy Barr said...

    I have tried to make a paper pieced design in EQ and it gave me an error message that I did not understand. I think I will go back and start again and see if I can get it to work. Thanks for the tutorial.
    My Christmas tradition would have to be Christmas at the seaside. As it is summertime in Oz, we love to celebrate with family at the beach.
    judybarr at iearn dot org dot au

    Dawn said...

    Every year we roast chestnuts in our fireplace and sit around the fireplace listening to old time radio shows.
    I am a new follower, it's nice to be here. Have a great day.

    nicolesender said...

    Neat polar bear! I like to spend Christmas mornings with my grandsons and enjoy a good brunch!

    lindawwww said...

    We always have lasagne for dinner on Christmas eve.


    GranChris said...

    After midnight church service everyone heads to my house for lots of food and a big party. It's a lot of fun.

    Wendy said...

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. I love my EQ7 but don't use it to its full capacity, so this will assist me tremendously. I've been eyeing "BlockBase" for a while now. Looks fabulous.
    I have my first grandchild and would like to start a few new traditions for when they visit "Gigi's" house. :) Love reading everyone's ideas! Thank you :)

    Jenny said...

    Love your detailed explanation of EQ. I had no idea it was that clever. Our Christmas 'tradition' is that my son always chooses the tree and cuts it himself, a responsibility he has enjoyed for 15 years since he was 9.

    Dixie said...

    I love Advent calendars - we have several...My fav had chocolate behind the doors (had beeing the operative word there....had...)

    Karen Propes said...

    I love what this program will allow you to create. I love creating decorations for Christmas, we add a new decoration of some sort sewn each year. Love the family get togethers. Family is what we have and should always cherish.
    Please delete if this is a duplicate, the internet has the hiccups today.

    Teacosy said...

    Like your polar bear
    Gruß Sylvia

    Jan Jones said...

    Thank you for the tutorial I've been wanting to design pp blocks of my own. I bought eq7, tried & gave up! I think I'll try again. You have motivated me!


    I have always made an advent calendar firstly for my children and now for my grand children. Thank you for the giveaway