Friday, December 5, 2014

Tombow Xtreme! Sticky University

After entering a giveaway on Sewcalgal’s blog I won some Tombow  Xtreme tape!

It was fun to get a squishy package in the mail, some tape, a certificate and a T shirt (too big for me- so hubby got it)

2014-11-15 004

I told Sewcalgal and also the contact at Tombow, that this reminded me of when we lived in S Florida, I worked for corporate Office Depot (the call center side) and we’d have promotions and several times it was Tombow mono adhesive ( I remember there was a green and a blue kind- one was temporary and one was permanent) gosh, we’d tell the secretaries that the temporary one could be used to fix hemmed pants for the day! of course for papers too, but this was just a fun OTHER way of using them- sold like hot cakes! LOL – and I’m NOT a sales person….

Now, I have to be honest here, the glue works GREAT, but the gluing part was a bit tricky to figure out, you pull back and then pull quickly to the side to kind of tear it off. My son had borrowed it for a science project and it broke! Tombow ended up sending me a 2nd one and I tried to fix the old one, which was tricky! But again, the glue part is great.

So WHAT did WE create??

Name tags for Thanksgiving!!

2014-11-27 008

We used the Go cutter and the fall die and the kids cut out several leaves in different colored cardstock and paper

2014-11-27 0012014-11-27 002

even the outer part is fun!?

2014-11-27 003

Then I used some permanent craft markers and wrote everyone’s names on the maple leaves (that’s maple right?)

2014-11-27 004

and glued two leaves behind each leaf, after my daughter drew a dashed line around the edge of the yellow leaves.

2014-11-27 005

Sonja was our TESTER of course Smile she was a GREAT help!

2014-11-27 006

Here’s where the leaves went on the table

2014-11-27 007

and with a piece of orange ribbon and napkin I tied it into a ribbon around the napkin and stuck the leaf tip inside the ribbon.

2014-11-27 008

Our guests liked these and wanted to keep them, so I guess they were a success! Smile

Thanks Tombow for being a small part of our Thanksgiving!


Carol said...

Cute decorations and a great way to use the Tombow!

SewCalGal said...

Looks like a super fun #kidfriendly project. Very festive decoration. Glad it passed Sonja's test for final approval too! :)


Melody said...

Lovely project. Sonja is looking so grown up.