Saturday, December 6, 2014

Saturday 2014 list and November review

I apologize, I know a lot of you have been hit with SPAM from my email.
I was setting up my linked in acct. last night and clicked on something that sent an email to my WHOLE address book!! I'm so sorry.
I've changed my password and setting, so hopefully it won't happen again

I have done a lot of pre scheduling blog posts so I figured I’d do my November review in combination with my 2014 list
First I finished the isosceles Go quilt here
2014-11-10 001
Ahhhh #2
2014-11-21 017
Table topper from block swap 7 wishes
2014-11-24 002
Christmas ahhhh topper for tonya
2014-11-23 001

Here’s my weekly update of my 2014 list
If it’s in RED then I worked on it recently
If it’s crossed out, then it’s completely done
There should be links on most of them too to previous posts
#1 (2012) giraffe wall hanging –working on the baby giraffe now
#2 (2012) fall leaf blocks swap- ready to quilt
#3 (2012) bubble gum quilt kit won at quilt show –working on appliqued border
#4 (2012) hexies- 43 flowers
#5 (2013)- roman holiday kit 
#6 (Jan 2013) Ahhhh quilt, DONE! (secret)  Mailed to Tonya
#7 (April 2013) – blue/ yellow kaleidoscope blocks, have 5 done.
#8 (Sept 2013) farm animal panel – embroidery panel just done
#9 (Oct 2013) Scrappy Chain quilt QAL – DONE!
#10 (Oct 2013) 12 days of Christmas embroidered blocks done
#11(Dec 2013) Hexie Go! baby boy quilt- DONE!
#12 (Dec 2013)Valentine’s GO project-  DONE
#13 (Dec 2013)prayer garden- DONE
#15 (July 2013) Persian star FPP block swap- Half way quilted- a hole in it
#16 (Jan 2014) – Blue girl Dress DONE
#17 (Jan 2014) – McCall’s Rainbow baskets- DONE!
#18 (Jan 2014) McCall’s batiks – ladybugs –DONE!
#19 (Jan 2014) Quilted Jacket wonky logs – sewing pieces together – fabric is here for lining
#20 (Jan 2014) Women of the bible BOW 3” –finished ruth
#21 (Jan 2014) “knit” quilt for McCall’s – DONE!
#23 (Jan 2014) solids scraps bow ties- DONE!
#24 (Feb 2014) Stuffed owl DONE!
#25 (Feb 2014) Gym Bag DONE
#26 (Feb 2014) – FQ Afternoon wedge quilt- DONE
#27 (2014) Pin Cushion swaps- November mailed
#28 (March 2014) Embroidery frames here- DONE!
#29 (January 2014) Kitschy BOM- TOP DONE
#30 (?) Faith pillow – DONE!
#31 (2012?) Hidden forest Quilt- working on blocks
#32 (March 2014) Shirt and Girl dress- Girl dress DONE
#33 (March 2014) Scrappy Triangles- DONE
#34 (?) Peanut pics on fabric – no plan yet
#35 (March 2014) Batik Stained glass pattern-DONE!
#36 (March 2014) Mystery Ahhhh- DONE
#37 (March 2014) C.T. Mystery Quilt – DONE!
#38 (March 2014) –scrappy hexie- McCall’s-webinar DONE
#39 (April 2014) 2 Girl Easter Dresses- DONE
#40 (April 2014) Batik signature quilt – DONE
#41 (May 2014) Stuffed mouse- DONE!
#42 (May) Flowering snowball GO! Quilt –DONE
#43 (June 2014) Swoon block swap – all 16 done and mailed out to everybody top done 
#44 (June 2014) large bag “coffee”- DONE
#45(June 2014) Pine Tree BOMs- I won mine for november! top done
#46(June) Cupcake pillow DONE
#47 (June) Red and white quilt- DONE
#47 (July) Go! kite die quilt – DONE
#48 (August) feather pillow- DONE
#49(August) Island batiks – let’s dance – DONE
#50(August) purple dress and mouse for friend – DONE
#51 (August) Go! log cabin quilt- DONE
#52 (August) Purple Hexagons EPP- working on them
#53 (September) Blue Island batik – DONE!
#54 (September) purple island batik- DONE!
#55 (September) Kaleidoscope table runner – DONE
#56 (September) owl and kitty eyeglass cases- lots done
#57 (September) embroidered scarf- 3 done
#58 (September) small tumbler quilt- made into kit- gave to pine tree guild
#59 (September) Hawaiian shirt tissue covers – 3 done
#60 (September) – hexagon purses- 2 done
#61 (September) stuffed mice- 9 done
#62 (September) – fabric book- DONE
#63 (September) Winter mystery QAL- made #1 SNOW ROW
#64 (September) 3D cube toy- DONE
#65 (September)- mini batik stars – DONE!
#66 (October) stuffed owls – 8 done
#67 (October) stuffed ITH Bears – 9 done
#68 (October) pin cushions for craft show – about 10 done
#69 (October) Isosceles scrappy GO! quilt- Done
#70 (November) Winter EPP project for Hillbilly Tonya- DONE!
#71 (November) Yenter star project for Hillbilly Tonya- DONE!
#72 (November) 3rd Hillbilly project- returned
#72(summer?) 7 wishes block swap – DONE
#73 (December) Christmas dress for Sonja- DONE


Michele Bilyeu said...

I am hoping you see this here on your blog and are not using your email address at all right now. Your email has been hacked. I am in your big mailing list as I have commented many times and had you respond. This morning I received a hacked email pretending to be from you with nothing inside but a link. My own email program immediately recognized it as the exact kind of address that is fraudulent and warned me not to open the letter or click on the link, so of course I did not. This has happened to dozens and dozens of my online quilting friends. Once a person opens a link then all of their email addresses are hacked and that is probably how you got hacked and into the chain. You need to change your password immediately. Trash all of your emails without opening them and warn others on your blog not to open emails that pretend to be from you with just a link inside. The link can vary from letter to letter and of course I can't type here what is doesn't matter what it was as they change. You are supposed to notify your email provider but they will black ball your account. So, make a new email and tie that one into your blog inside so you can still get email if you don't have a separate account already. I am so sorry this happened to you but it is happening more and more now and is almost common. Good luck! Michele from With*Heart*and*Hands blog.

Carol said...

I got two emails that were obviously not you and came to tell you. Looks like you're taking care of it! :O)

margaret said...

I too realised it was hacked and did not open it. The triangle quilt is amazing and the small table runners etc all are lovely you have been busy

Michele said...

You've certainly got a lot accomplished so far this year.

Sharon said...

I got the hack, also, but was warned about it by program. So, not only trashed it, but went to trash & deleted forever. Thanks for the info. tho. about what happened.