Friday, December 19, 2014

Purple Island batik quilt

It’s about time that I blogged about Island batiks, I keep getting fabrics from them and feel so bad that I’ve had SUCH slow progress lately.
Partly because some couldn’t be revealed until after MARKET and then I also started THIS!! my purple hexagon FPP quilt! Phew it’s taking a long time…. I decided I was close to done here and put it on the wall to figure out which fabrics I was missing and where.
and I am still working on another blue project that’ I’m dragging my feet on.
2014-11-30 008
I cut them out and glue basted a bunch!
2014-11-30 009
then added some more- realized I had turned it a bit but I love it this direction that the light purple goes, so it just needed a bit more and some half hexagons for the top and bottom
2014-12-02 0012014-12-04 001
then I started trimming!
I ironed the whole thing flat and opened up the seams on the sides and trimmed 1/4” from the folded line from the paper pieces.
2014-12-05 001
a bit scary!
2014-12-05 002
Here’s the finished top. I love it!
It’s a nice baby size about 40 x 50”
2014-12-05 003
Here’s the finished quilt with a dark purple binding
2014-12-15 001
and close up of quilting, I did a curve from corner to corner on the hexagon blocks
2014-12-15 002
and then bubbles and a sort of fence design on the border
2014-12-15 003
and a scrappy backing from left overs, as I could just squeeze in a full WOF as the backing.
2014-12-15 004
Thanks Island batiks again for sending these lovely fabrics!
The batiks are called Lavender Breeze and are here
(then a solid black batik also)
Stay tuned for some Island batik fun in January!


SewCalGal said...

Beautiful fabrics and quilt. #quiltlove


Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful quilt Bea and of course you know i love the batiks!

Nancy said...

What a nice quilt, Bea. Your post made it sound pretty easy to do.

Michele said...

Very pretty and the color changes are great

Anonymous said...

I like the arrangement of lights/darks, red and blue violets that you ended up with. You don't have to reply; just visit my blog and say Hello.

Rosa said...

Beautiful quilt and fabrics.I wiah you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Micki @ 2 Dogs Studio said...

loves the colors...great job!

Sharon said...

I loe batiks and hexies, so your quilt is a winner to me!