Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Paper piecing 101 B

I realize I don’t have pics of each individual piece sewn together, but it’s done the same way, here I did the blocks.
with a thin needle and thread I knotted on end and started at a corner, having wrong sides together on the pieces, then did a basic whip stitch across. I go straight UP, but when I go thru the back I turn a little bit and have the needle go under the fabric for not even 1/8” of an inch and out the other side on the edge of the fold and keep going, paying attention if seams have to match up and once I get close to a FLAP hanging out, I fold it back down and out of the way and try not to sew thru too many layers of fabric.
2014-11-20 001
This is the finished top, it’s 7 of the 7 wishes Ahhhh’s but with triangles and diamonds for setting in the middle. Unlike the 7 wishes kit that only has diamonds for setting.
Tonya used gorgeous YENTER fabrics which she fussy cut!
here’s the youtube video that shows how she does it
2014-11-20 002
Now it’s time to take out the papers- easy peasy since they are glued with the glue pen
2014-11-20 003
here the papers are all removed
2014-11-20 004
I ironed everything flat and the outer seams opened up toward the outside
2014-11-21 003
as long as you can still see the crease of the fold, it’s good, that will be the sewing guide.
I laid it out right sides together on the backing fabric and batting under the backing fabric and pinned it together in random places (like basting for quilting)
2014-11-21 004
then with my walking foot I slowly sewed in the crease almost all the way around, leaving maybe 4-6” opening on one side for turning right side out.
2014-11-21 0052014-11-21 006
here’s it’s all sewn together
2014-11-21 0072014-11-21 008
Then I trimmed down to 1/4” seam allowance and trimmed the corners
2014-11-21 0092014-11-21 010
I ironed the opening to match the seam allowance, so it’s easier to work with once it’s turned
2014-11-21 011
here’s the trimmer corners
2014-11-21 012
then turned right side out
2014-11-21 013
and pressed flat again!
2014-11-21 014
here’s the opening, you can either whip stitch it closed or do a top stitching line all the way around to side the opening
2014-11-21 015
like this!
2014-11-21 0162014-11-21 017
and I added some more quilting!
You shouldn’t do SITD with EPP as the ditch doesn’t have any fabric behind it, since all the fabrics are folded away from the seams, so doing a little bit to the side of the seam is better!
2014-11-21 0182014-11-21 019
I’ll show another part tomorrow 101 C Smile


Tonya Owens said...

I got the mail and can't wait to hang them!
I am hiding from facebook today :)

I LOVE this method! It is so easy. I am going to video about it and refer people to you.
Thank you!

Quilter Kathy said...

Gorgeous and so amazing! I am tempted to try it!

France Nadeau ❅ inspiration imagination creation said...

I love this method of finishing a piece too. It makes a nice edge. Your quilt is beautiful and I particularly like the centre part. You chose beautiful fabric and assembled the pieces cleverly. :-)

Sandra said...


Judy Magner said...

Bea, the center diamonds are stunning! I think this is the first time I have seen EPP done with wrong sides together. Or did I miss read it?

margaret said...

beautifully done and a great tutorial too

Melody said...

Love that fussy cutting

Lara B. said...

What a beautiful creation Bea! Love the fussy cutting and attention to detail, as well as the fabric combinations you chose!

Lara B. said...

PS... I should have written "that Tonya chose". Beautiful work from both of you! You make a great team!