Monday, December 1, 2014

Paper piecing 101 A

You may know I’ve been working on some secret projects for Tonya’s shop
I wanted to show you what I did and HOW to do it, as I am surprised to see so many people don’t know how to english paper piece, let alone do it right! it’s SUPER easy.
on project #1 I had to add a hexagon border (could have done long strips instead) but it turned out cute!
You’ll need whatever paper pieces you want or need, either from or Tonya’s shop for her AHHHH’s
-you’ll see more in a bit!
and then a glue pen like this
and don’t forget about refills!
DO NOT USE A SCHOOL GLUE STICK! it’s a mess and glues TOO well, so the papers won’t come off after it dries (ask me how I know?!)
Here’s my fabric ironed and steamed, I glued the shapes on the fabric right there on the board and rough cut out around it about 1/4” around, doesn’t have to be precise, but rather too much fabric than too little, especially on border pieces!
2014-11-08 001
So with the glue stick I glue across the top of the paper close to the edge but not ON the edge, just a smidge off of the edge, it’s fine to go off the sides, that’s a matter of preference, some times you want the flaps to stay down, sometimes you need them to move out of the way as you sew
2014-11-08 002
Then fold the fabric down right on the edge and finger press
2014-11-08 003
do the same on the sides
2014-11-08 0042014-11-08 005
and then the bottom
2014-11-08 0062014-11-08 007
and VOILA! a whole stack!
2014-11-08 008
Now lots of people thread baste, and I used to do that too.
But gluing is SO much faster and easier and you don’t damage the papers at all and the edges are more crisp and precise!
tomorrow I’ll show 101 B Smile


Kwilt Krazy said...

Thanks for sharing I will be back to check it out tomorrow too!

Lara B. said...

Thanks for starting this lesson! I've always wanted to learn about the best way to do this Bea.