Monday, December 22, 2014

Holiday recipe Blog Blitz

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When I was asked by sewcalgal to be part of a Christmas Recipe blog hop, I knew I had to share some recipes from Denmark!

First is Flæskesteg (Danish pork roast)

one of my favorite dishes! Now I usually cook mine in a rotisserie oven we have, so I had to look up this recipe for baking it in the oven. It’s YUMMY!

fleskesteg recipe card

Now with flæskesteg, you HAVE to have red cabbage with it too, so here’s the recipe for that!

red cabbage recipe card2

Then I often boil potatoes too and serve with dinner.


For dessert, we usually eat rice pudding with a cherry sauce

( I haven’t had any luck with making it in the US, so I won’t share the recipe- yet!)

but basically it’s rice cooked in milk (I think) and added whipped cream and chopped slivered almonds PLUS one whole slivered almond.

Then when you eat it, it’s a game to find the whole almond and when you do, you get an “almond”" present” which for adults is often chocolate and for kids it’s a toy.

I remember being SO full after the dinner that it was hard to eat such a rich dessert, but we wanted to find the almond SO bad. the adults would poke around in the bowl with a big serving spoon and tease the kids that THIS was the spoonful with the almond, or when they were eating it they’d stick their tongue in their cheek and say they got it! OR if they actually got it, they would sneak one the kids the almond under the table so they could claim the prize!

usually my cousin would win it, he was the same age at me, but one year I GOT it and won a 4 in a row 3D game, then he started crying and still got a present! not FAIR!! I never cried because I didn’t get it…. SIGH Winking smile


Anyways, I don’t think we’ll do our Christmas dinner as “Danish” style this year, but we’ll still have a yummy turkey!

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Merry CHRISTmas!!


Barb said...

Merry Christmas!!! Was wonderful hearing of your traditions.

SewCalGal said...

Yummy recipes that I am truly looking forward to using soon. We enjoy pork roasts and also love cooked red cabbage, very much. Your traditions sound like great fun. All #SweetGoodness too!

I hope you and your lovely family have a very Merry Christmas.


teachpany said...

So interesting! Thanks for sharing something different.