Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Blocks and Quilting and a few other things

Since I often pre schedule my posts and I am just showing a few projects and blocks that are done.
First, this is the Women of the bible block ESTHER!
since my blocks are 3” finished I had to remove some lines on this one and simplify the block, apart from the center, I think it turned out fine- it’s all FPP.
2014-11-29 005
This is queen Vashti (a bonus block in the study)
2014-12-09 001
This is Proverbs 31 woman
2014-12-13 011
this block was all foundation paper pieces and again 3 1/2”
see the size?
2014-12-13 012
This is part of the Round Robin I’m hosting- can’t show more than this, the quilt is BEARY special! the round (top and bottom this time) is done and on the way to the next person.
2014-11-29 008
I also got a box of goodies from connecting threads- this bundle I have a plan for, for 2015- wait and see!
2014-12-05 005
I also got some cookie fabric in the mail that I won- who’s blog was it? sorry I had 3 or 4 different things come in that week and tossed the envelope. Anyways, I made up the cookies and laid them out when my friend Laura came over, she fell for it, for a second, then laughed… and we went to their house that night too and I brought a big plate of them for her husband and he fell for them too for just a few seconds then saw how flat they were and soft. LOL
2014-12-06 003
2014-12-08 003
and I finished Bonnie’s clue 3
2014-12-12 001
sure is a mystery HOW the blocks will go together!
2014-12-12 002
Then I got this pincushion package from Norway, thanks Laila!
2014-12-12 0032014-12-12 004
I have lots more things to show, just have to wait! Smile
-that’s Merry Christmas in Danish-


cucki said...

Wow so beautiful xx

Andi said...

Merry Christmas! I am glad I found your blog this year, you share so many good things. I love your mystery layout! I am off to work on my Swoon quilt...

margaret said...

your women of the bible are coming along so well, I have not started yet just collecting the blocks for now but will be doing them bigger than yours far too fiddy! Have a lovely Christmas