Monday, December 15, 2014

Accuquilt GO! Challenge 2014

accuquilt go challenge

This is the last Accuquilt GO! Challenge post for 2014.

Below I will show different things I’ve used my GO cutter and dies for during the year.

I’m torn about if I should continue next year or not, part of me have lots of things planned, but I can still show inspiration projects and small things…

Also, I think I got spoiled by Accuquilt this year and the end of last year, as twice, I’ve gotten a big box of dies with their newest releases, and didn’t get one this fall, I know that’s also because they released the BIG GO cutter and some dies and also my contact at Accuquilt has changed, so I don’t know if they even WANT to sponsor me anymore.

I’m very grateful for all the dies I’ve gotten in the past and haven’t worked thru them all yet! they’ve been VERY generous and I guess I got “used” to it, that I expected it to continue, maybe not so BIG, but something smaller maybe? I DO want to THANK them for what they’ve done already!

So I don’t know if I should continue in 2015 to feature something on the 15th of every month or just do something when I feel like it?

What do you think?

Anyways, I’ll share a review of what projects I did in 2014


Hunter star quilt

2014-01-07 001

and half hexies from scraps

2014-01-07 005

2014-01-05 001

and hexagon pincushion



Apple Core die

2014-02-14 001


Bow tie

2014-03-19 002

mini hexagons

2014-03-12 009


Equilateral Triangle Quilt

2014-04-10 001

wedge quilt

2014-04-12 011


square die turned into signature quilt

2014-05-11 003


cupcake pillow

2014-05-28 001


Kite die quilt

2014-07-24 003


Feathers on a pillow

2014-08-06 019

BOB Blog hop

log cabin quilt

2014-08-17 014


Blazing star quilt

2014-09-08 001


Fall die pin cushion

2014-10-13 028


Isosceles die

2014-11-10 001

2014-11-10 007

So what do you think?

I did 17 GO! projects this year (not counting this last one that was older)

Should I continue it on a scheduled time or just do them whenever?

So you like link ups and should I feature someone the following month, and issue a challenge for old and new dies each month?

Let me know!

THANKS again to Accuquilt for being my sponsor in 2014, I do hope you want to do it again in 2015 Smile


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I enjoy seeing what people do with the Go and dies, but truthfully - I can't afford them and don't see where they would be practical for the type of quilting I do to justify their expense.

marilyn said...

I love your ideas and projects. I know that if you wrote to Accuquilt, they would sponsor you again. What I don't know is how you find the time for everything you do :) You amaze me with all your energy. I just love your projects.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

I'm with Marilyn...give it w try. Ai wish I could get them to sponsor me...I have quit a few dies,,,some not used yet, but the cost is heavy. Would love to have them supply me with them....I think yiu should touch base with them, I like seeing what you have.