Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Packages going in and out

I’ve been sending and receiving a lot of packages lately!


The package FOR T’was the night blog hop has been sent and I also got mine!

Since my craft show, hubby has helped me write up a sort of business letter to local quilt stores and I’ve sent that with a stack of cards, hopefully that will get me some long arm business.

Part of the write up is that I gladly ship quilts back and forth, I have one customer already that does that.

2014-10-30 006

And I got my Pin cushion from the pin cushion swap in the mail too.

what a cute blue elephant!

2014-10-31 0012014-10-31 002

and matching thread catcher


2014-10-31 003

Then I got an ozark package- it’s been such a long time, I forgot what was in there!

lovely presencia threads.

2014-10-31 004

SAME day I got my fabric.com order, so I washed all the fabrics together.

the small pile on the left is fabric.com the rest is ozark!

2014-10-31 005

This lovely owl Christmas print and chevron print is for my swoon blocks I think- well that’s the plan anyways, the owls for the outer border and the chevron for binding, maybe inner border, we’ll see

2014-10-31 006

This blue is for a batik project- wait and see

2014-10-31 007

Then from ozark, you know I love owls so I jumped on these!

2014-10-31 008

and these- these are kind of scary looking, but I was actually thinking a girl dress would look cute

2014-10-31 011

Forgot about the dotted and the blue and red fabric on the left, the blue and red, I think I had bought for paper piecing, that should be fun to fussy cut.

2014-10-31 010

Then some matching blue paisley fabrics- already thinking a girly dress

2014-10-31 009

and lastly this black FQ sampler, I must say I was disappointed in the quality of these, but I’ll still use them of course, just seemed like joann’s/ walmart  quality, I do work with all cotton fabrics, so it will still be used.

2014-10-31 012

I feel really inspired to sew! (someone wants to play cards and play doh’)


cucki said...

Today I am so sad for our postal strike here :(
Big hugs x

Quiltingranny said...

Nice to do amazing things like you do with the mailing back and forth. I may have one for you soon. Love the owl fabric, I also have some!

Kwilt Krazy said...

Nice! I have some fabric that should be waiting for me when I get home from work. I hope :)

Melody said...

Wow, wonderful parcels. Love the little blue elephant.

margaret said...

best of luck with the long arm quilting. Hope you are not going to stick pins in that elephant he might let out a mighty roar sorry that is a lion not sure what you call an elephant noise! Envious of those threads and some lovely fabrics you have there

Michele said...

Of course you'd never pass up getting any cute owl fabrics that you find. :)