Friday, November 14, 2014

How to find more time to quilt


I am featured on quiltwoman’s blog

How to find more time to quilt!

I submitted my ideas a while ago and forgot all about it, then got an email today that they used some of my ideas.


People do ask me all the time HOW I make time with 3 kids and a husband.

I jokingly reply that I ignore housework! and it’s partly true…. I do procrastinate on that but I do vacuum and do stuff around the house, maybe not as often as I should, also I get my older kids to help!

But really the main part is being organized!

First, I’m VERY blessed to have my own craft room/studio

2014-09-02 005


#2 I have open shelves with all my supplies visible, fabrics folded, UFOs in plastic bins etc.

It’s so inspiring to see fabrics every day

and I have a huge table for my sewing machine and computer so I can leave something ON the table and walk away and don’t have to clean it up right there and then, but I usually DO, I don’t like the table to be cluttered.


#3 I have my LIST!

I have my list of UFOs and usually blog about it once a week, it’s good to read thru the list once in a while and be reminded of it- keeps you motivated!


#4 I work on multiple projects at once.

working on just ONE thing can be boring, especially if it is a part of a quilt I don’t like or that IS boring, like adding multiple borders or a lot of FPP pieces, I work on them as leaders and enders or just work as part of another project. Things go together a lot faster this way!


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margaret said...

you are organised and so lucky to have that great space. I stitch in my kitchen do have 2 spare bedrooms but they are cold. Re lots of projects I struggle with that, when I was just doing embroidery I always worked on just one and now with BOM`s etc not sure whether I am coming or going!

Carla said...

I have a bedroom set up as my sewing/office space but it's not organized. I hope to one day.
I do have a list started so that is helping a little bit on getting more done the last 6 months. I'll keep on it.