Saturday, November 15, 2014

accuquilt Go Challenge Isosceles die

accuquilt go challenge

Hi everybody, If you read my  recent EQ tutorials, it’s no surprise that I made a quilt using the isosceles GO die and 3” finished HST die

The isosceles Go! die is an oldie but goodie Smile

and after reading the comments and comparing my own dies I had, the 3” HST die fits the edges of this die to make a kaleidoscope block.

Here’s my dies ready to go.

2014-10-27 001

This is the layout I had designed in EQ


So I started cutting away with ANY blue and white scraps I had

2014-10-27 002

all sorted in piles of 10

2014-10-27 003

and whites on top, now here I used ANY white, not just solid white

2014-10-27 004

and white corner triangles

2014-10-27 005

all ready to sew

2014-10-27 006

Not too much contrast, but that’s okay

2014-10-27 007

I ironed toward the blues

2014-10-28 0012014-10-28 002

The only part I pinned was after 4 pieces, so half a block, to have the middle match up

2014-10-28 003

I ended up ironing toward the blue on the back too and doing a twisty thing on the middle

2014-10-28 005

then added the corner triangles

2014-10-28 006

two different blocks all done

2014-10-28 007

and the top is done, kind of fun that some blocks have great contrast, some don’t.

2014-10-29 001

there’s some crazy prints in there Winking smile

2014-10-29 002

Here it’s all quilted

2014-11-10 001

I did a simple curved lines from corner to corner

2014-11-10 002

then a loopy design on the inner border and leaves on the outer border

2014-11-10 003

and the backing, I had a lot of this dotted fabric and it was JUST enough for the whole quilt!

2014-11-10 004

a fun floral blue fabric for binding.

2014-11-10 005

when I first got this die I made this quilt with a FQ pack

2014-11-10 007

I quilted a freeform rose all over pattern on it

2014-11-10 0082014-11-10 009

If you search on pinterest there’s a lot of cute quilts there

don’t know if this is more of an equilateral triangle, but cute anyways

Fox & Friends ... by Lorna McMahon | Quilting Pattern - Looking for a quilting pattern for your next project? Look no further than Fox & Friends Triangle Quilt from Lorna McMahon! - via @Craftsy

and a riley blake one

Mommy by day Crafter by night: Isosceles Triangle Quilt Along... the supplies.

I like thisthis idea and I could see how a bunch of long strips sewn together and then folded on the die would be SEW easy to cut out

a quick little tutorial on how to construct the scrappy triangle blocks

I like this idea, similar to mine above, but this one is better Winking smile

Isosceles kaleidoscope quilt

love this too

Jan P Krentz. Isosceles triangles

another fun one, sort of opposite of mine

Quilt -- this can be replicated with #AccuQuilt dies


Here’s my accuquilt pintererest board


SewCalGal said...

Beautiful quilts Bea.


Sharon said...

What a cute new quilt. I, too, like the low contrast mixed in. Good scrap buster, I bet.

Cynthia Woodham said...

I love your quilt. I will have to add these 2 dies to my christmas wish list.

Barb said... about got it!!

margaret said...

a great quilt, I do not have the accuquilt machine but suppose this can be done without it just have to be very careful when cutting the triangles out

Nancy said...

The isosceles quilts are so pretty. I can see how the accuquilt die can really make the cutting easy and quick.

Carla said...

You're amazing as always

Shar said...

how did you sew this? did you stop at a 1/4" at the point?