Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Who wants to do a PLANNED Round Robin?

I have had this idea before and after talking to Michele, we agreed that she would do her own round robin eventually and I should go with my idea.

(I’m sure I’ll still join hers, whenever it is)

Okay so here’s my idea….

Instead of just adding borders around randomly, I want more of a “planned” round robin.

First starting off with a 12” block (12 1/2”)

Sort of like this- you pick what block you want to make of course!


Then send it to the next person and they add a 3” BLOCK border around it.


quilt is now 18 x 18



The next person adds 6” blocks to the top and bottom (so 3 blocks to the top and bottom)



The next person adds 6” border blocks to the sides (5 on each side)


the quilt is now 30 x 30


the next person adds 3” blocks to the top and bottom (10 each)


now the quilt is 30x 36


the next person adds 6” blocks all the way around

so the quilt is 42 x 48



then it goes home to the owner and they can add a border if they like

a 3” border will make the quilt 48 x 54


here’s a few more samples



If we start now and send out a block by the end of October, we’ll get ours back by the end of March 2015.


I’ll close sign ups in a week on the 14th, then we’ll have 2 weeks to send a block to the next person.

(I think I have to say NO to internationals, I’ve had complaints about the postage in the past)


Katie M. said...

This sounds like fun, Bea. How many people are you planning on? Would you ask that the 'original' person send assorted fabrics to pull the consecutive 'rounds' together? Would the original person plan her/his quilt?

Dixie said...

oooo I would love toooo!!

Kathy said...

Count me in. Sounds like fun!!!

Julianne said...

I want to play!

Michele said...

Sounds interesting and fun but I'm too swamped to join in on this one. I'll be watching though.

Sowing Stitches said...

Sounds like fun! If there's still room I would love to join. :) I love the creative flow of round robin quilts! sowingstitches [at] gmail [dot] com

Mary Huey said...

I'm interested in joining the round robin -- haven't done one of these for years!!

Unknown said...

I would like to do this as it sounds like fun but it is getting too close to the Holidays and I don't want to feel overwhelmed come Nov. and Dec.