Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Party is over

Solveig’s birthday party was a success!

but PHEW 9 girls sure can be LOUD Winking smile

I wanted to show a few pics of the prep work

This is the snack table mostly set up and there’s paints on a tray for painting a craft (a wooden keychain)

2014-10-21 011

TWISTER is taped to the floor (Thank you Sew Cal Gal for suggesting it!)

TWISTER battle was a huge success.

It was first 2 and 2 and the winners would go on to round 2 and then round 3, at the end it was Solveig and her friend’s sister Sadie and they were at it for a LOONG time, I finally had to declare Sadie the winner as Solveig couldn’t get the prize anyways.

2014-10-21 012

I also did a memory game where I covered up 20 items and the kids had to look at it for 3 minutes and then I covered it back up and they had to write down the 20 items they saw, one girl had 17 items!! wow!

2014-10-21 0152014-10-21 014

Sew Cal Gal also suggested decorating cupcakes (at first Solveig had wanted ice cream cake- which was okay, then I didn’t have to make a FANCY cake this time- then when she heard the idea of the cupcakes, she changed her mind)

2014-10-21 010

I made 7 different colors of frosting and had half in bowls and half in pastry bags with fancy tips, it kind of thickened up too much in the fridge and it just looked weird to me, but the girls didn’t care, they had a BLAST and one girls actually squealed really loud when she saw the empty cupcakes!

2014-10-21 016

I also made and embroidered these party favor bags with the kids’ initials, they LOVED them Smile

in each of them I had some candy and a snap bracelet, the two on the right were for the boys, my mom and Evan (Danielle who helped me out a LOT with the party’s son)- did I write that correctly?

it’s funny because her and I both have big SUVs and both have 3 kids, so our kids alone was half the party! she was great, when she got here, she took the boys and Sonja home with her to get something and come back and was gone about 1hr, which was the hour it was the loudest, so it was good for Sonja as she’s still sick Sad smile she was a trooper though and tried to eat, tried to paint and decorate the cupcake, but she was exhausted at the end.

2014-10-21 013

The girls had fun decorating Peanut too, I had bought these little bottle confetti things and they disappeared in a few minutes! then they gathered it up and gave Peanut this party hat/ fake hair…. he was THRILLED! Winking smile

2014-10-21 020

Here’s some of the cupcake MASTER PIECES!

2014-10-21 025

2014-10-21 028

2014-10-21 030

My husband had bought google eyes for cake decorating, that the girls LOVED!

2014-10-21 031

You can tell Sonja was a little “off” and it doesn’t help health wise that I then let her have a sip of soda and cupcakes, but I couldn’t say NO on a birthday!

2014-10-21 029

and almost like a tradition now, the kids got to launch some rockets too!

hubby got some smaller engines this time so the kids stayed in the backyard to catch it and the rocket needs to be replaced, it’s kind of sad, the parachute doesn’t deflate anymore, so it just went STRAIGHT down, the last time it went straight into the grass with a thud and the tip got stuck!

2014-10-21 033

Opening presents! the biggest hit was this minecraft torch flashlight, and actually the bottom opens up so you can hang it on a wall and it sticks out at an angle like a torch. Solveig got a lot of great presents!

(and a few are still coming in the mail from us, something we ordered too late online)

2014-10-21 045

and here’s the sick baby girl Sad smile

2014-10-21 052

tomorrow I have another CELEBRATION!

wait and see.


Carol said...

Fun time!!!!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Looks like it was a great birthday party and Happy Birthday to Solveig! What great cupcakes and how fun to see Peanut!

margaret said...

can see fun was had by all. Hope the little one is feeling better now

SewMisadventurous said...

You prepared a really great Party for her Bea, they were brilliant ideas,especially the Do-it-Yourself cupcakes, Genius idea, I'm trying to imagine the decibel level of the screams when you showed them that. Poor Sonja, you can see she looks really ill, but I bet she didn't want to miss out on the party action no matter how sick she felt, you can see she isn't enjoying it though. I hope she feels a lot better now.