Monday, October 6, 2014

Fabric book and 3D cube toy

Remember I said I bought something at the quilt show last week?!

Well, here it is! a cute fabric book called WHY

2014-09-29 001

it’s really cute

2014-09-29 002

Last week I also FINALLY got out this 3D cube KIT I had bought when I was still pregnant with Sonja (bowing head in shame)

The directions were a bit odd but the first part said to sew with invisible thread on the machine, but instead I hand stitched it, since part of it is hand sewn anyways.

2014-09-30 001

Here’s part of it together and pinned

2014-09-30 002

it looks like a mess, but it worked out in the end. I must say the directions were really confusing and it was missing step 10, it had step 9 and then step 11 on the next page and it did have the beginning part too with optional hand sewing but then to skip the first 6 steps, which I didn’t, I just followed the machine instructions the best I could and only figured it out because I knew what the finished product should look like.

2014-09-30 003

TADA!! it’s done

2014-09-30 004

and unfolded

2014-09-30 005

and into a cube

2014-09-30 006

half way opened

2014-10-01 001

If I can just get a hold of the foam cubes, I’d make another one.

Here’s the box it came in.

2014-10-01 002

I also finished a Women of the bible BOW, I made this block simpler, since it’s just 3 1/2”, it was supposed to have diamonds on the “plate”.

Kind of looks like an eyeball!

2014-10-01 003

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