Tuesday, October 28, 2014

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday- Isosceles into kaleidoscope


This tutorial is about the Accuquilt Isosceles die and triangle, how I figured out how to turn it into a kaleidoscope block and quilt in EQ7.

I have this isosceles die from accuquilt and I’ve made a quilt with it before- just simple rows.

A simple layout in EQ is using the one patch layout and then choosing lightning and selecting to be 5 x 6” which is what Accuquilt shows as the finished size.



then coloring it


and a scrappy version, I did this one because I had a FQ bundle.


here’s another more modern version


and one with a border, now I haven’t figured out how to flip every other row, I would guess that I have to add borders and use an auto border or triangles as a border and keep going, but for now it will just ideas and colors just fine Smile


Then on the Accuquilt site it showed samples of a kaleidoscope quilt and I had tossed the paper that came with the die, so I wasn’t sure what size triangles I needed for the corners, after digging thru the comments, I found someone saying the 3” finished HST die and that the blocks are 9” finished.

The math in my head didn’t add up but if that’s what it says, then okay, and I looked at the 3” HST die and the edge of these isosceles triangles and they seem to fit, so why not?

So I found a kaleidoscope block in EQ (just search kaleido and will come up)

then I created a quilt and randomly colored every other block by holding down the ALT key and clicking random colors and then the pieces on the blocks.


I actually started cutting out pieces for a quilt and started with blue and I had a lot of blue scraps to I cut enough for half of them, so I then figured I should do the other half light or white, had plenty of white scraps too, so it’ll end up being a scrappy blue and white quilt with white corners.


but what if every other one was sort of turned but still with white corners?


I also played with one where then every other block had blue corners


I don’t know, I kind of like #2 the best, it all depends how bad the fabrics clash, but we’ll see, I was planning on making it a kit for my guild, but now I almost want to sew it together myself! we’ll see.

If you have tried to design a quilt with the one patch and lightning or simple kaleidoscope blocks like these, link up below and comment that you did Smile


Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Great tutorial Bea! Now I want that die!

margaret said...

I have seriously been considering investing in EQ7 and seeing what you have done makes me excited but that does not mean I will be able to do such creative things, will carry on thinking about it for the time being.I do not have the accuquilt cutter, did have the sizzix but sold it as it was not used much and the money bought more fabric!