Friday, October 24, 2014

almost ready for the craft show

Look, the jar of crushed walnut shells getting low! guess what that means?
2014-10-16 005
I’ve been making more pincushions!
I thought I would make some for the craft show, though pin cushions are very specific to sewers and quilters, but you never know!
but then the hard part is pricing them….. hmm
2014-10-16 006
Designs by JuJu also sent out an email that they had a free page of bible verses to download, so I downloaded a bunch and made two pin cushions, not planning on trying to sell them, but to keep and give away or something like that.
2014-10-16 0072014-10-16 008
So, it’s BISCORNU time again!
This one was my favorite design of the ones from designsbysick, even though this specific one takes 25 min to stitch out just the top, I just LOVE it. here’s 3 different versions
2014-10-16 0092014-10-16 0102014-10-16 0132014-10-16 014
next is the rose one, again 3 different versions
2014-10-16 0112014-10-16 0122014-10-16 018
then a flower one
2014-10-16 015
and these last two, I had some random designs on my computer and then on the embroidery machine I could add a square frame around them, so I stitched out two identical patches for the top and bottom Smile
2014-10-16 0162014-10-16 0172014-10-16 019
And last weekend I quilted this mini quilt for a friend, it was only 18” or so, took no time at all, I told her just to buy me lunch next time we are at a quilt meeting Smile
2014-10-17 002
and remember the gift bags?
2014-10-18 0062014-10-18 007
while cutting out fabrics for those, I stitched out more eyeglass cases
2014-10-19 001
a cat snuck into this picture Winking smile
2014-10-19 002
and I had a piled of scraps from island batiks that weren’t big enough to be used in a quilt, so I used it for these Smile
2014-10-19 004

Not sure what else I can make, a neighbor is letting me borrow a tent and 2 tables and a chair for the craft show. I just need to also label and price my quilts that I’m bringing and make large signs.
(I pre- scheduled this post) as today I think we’re going to the Zoo! the kids are off of school and hubby has been taking off Fridays lately.


Nancy at said...

Have fun at the zoo today and good luck at the craft show! I plan to visit one or two tomorrow myself.

Quilter Kathy said...

Have a great day at the zoo! Have you seen that cute clip on YouTube of the little girl trying to sing "to the zoo"?? So sweet and reminds me of your sweet little ones!

SewCalGal said...

Hop you are having fun with the kids at the Zoo. You certainly look ready for the Craft Fair. Lots of great handmade items. I hope you sell everything and get oodles of orders for custom projects.


margaret said...

lots of goodies here that I am sure will disappear rapidly at the craft fair,

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Everything looks great Bea and I hope your craft show sales are great! Wow was that a big jar of walnut pieces!

Michele said...

I hope the sale is a huge hit. You certainly have a bunch of cute things to offer up.

Diane Beavers said...

I'm a pin cushion fanatic and I love yours!
Can't seem to find the crushed walnut shells anywhere here in SE Virginia, any ideas?
I've been using the bird gravel:)