Monday, October 27, 2014

A few blocks and a bummer show


Before the weekend show I made a few more eyeglass cases

2014-10-23 0072014-10-23 009

I also experimented with how my table should look and borrowed these wire shelf cubes fro my son’s room

2014-10-23 010

2014-10-23 011

I had this setup, but had the stuffies in each of their own cube, it actually look good!

Then my 2nd table I had mini quilts/runner, baby quilts, medium quilts and large quilts/lap quilts and hubby helped me price them and we priced them LOW! priced to sell.

Well I sold one mini quilt for $40 and that was FPP’ed (sad to see it go, but oh well. sold quite a few of the eyeglass cases and only 2 stuffies, plus I had made 2 mini ones that I sold for $5 to some kids.

well there wasn’t much foot traffic because there was a STREET FAIR in town too a little further in, you would have thought that they would stop at both places, but they didn’t!

So if I count the booth fee, prices for my ME patterns, it was pretty much a wash! Sad smile

I may try again in the spring, or this other street fair next time? the weather was nice though, very cold when we set up, but once the sun came out it was nice!

we’ll see. just kind of discouraging that I spent all this time on this and it was sort of a flop, not quite, but still, not really worth it.

I miss quilting now!

2014-10-23 012

I did sneak in some bible blocks last week.

the blocks are only 3 1/2” (3” done)

2014-10-23 0022014-10-23 003

and I started the planned ROUND ROBIN.

so this is my 12” block for the middle

2014-10-23 001

look how BIG it is compared to the bible blocks!

2014-10-23 004

and I won this bundle of FQs online (now I can’t remember who it was from, but this was a nice treat in the mail last week!) all washed and ready to be cut into- with WHAT alternate color? I was thinking black, then I had the idea of pink! we’ll see

2014-10-23 008

this was our sunrise Friday morning!

2014-10-24 001


Andi said...

Craft shows are always a gamble. Glad you had nice weather! I think your studies are adorable!

Vicki in MN said...

I am sooo sorry you're show didn't go well, so disappointing I know. Ya just never know, I have a theory that if the weather is too nice people don't want to come inside and look-anyway that is the way it seems here in MN.

cucki said...

yup sometime craft show you can understand its like a gamble..
lovely weather you having,,
sending you big hugs x

Nancy at said...

Thanks for the update on the show. So sorry it wasn't better. :-( Just a tip...I'm new to Michigan and didn't know the best shows but boy I found one while I was shopping, not a vendor! When I did find that one that had a ton of traffic, I talked to the different vendors and asked them about other good shows in the area. Several of them had flyers that listed the other shows they would be at for the season so I took those, I also went on their websites to see if they had shows listed and where they would be. I figure they know the area much better than I do. Good luck at the next one you do maybe this spring.

Teresa in Music City said...

Oh dear! All that work and little profit - that's a disappointment for sure! Love your eyeglass cases - I would have bought one of those for sure!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I have given up shows this year - just not worth the time and fees (which are getting higher and higher). Even a huge drop in our shop sales since Irene - just not the traffic thru the area any more. Thinking of selling thru commission shops.

Katie M. said...

Years ago when I was making soft-sculptured dolls, I found I actually did well just having them at a yard sale! If yard/garage sales are popular in your area, you might give that a try... I love your Softies!

Kwilt Krazy said...

Awe sorry to hear that. I think they are all wonderful. I assume you have an etsy account? Online may be better. Other crafters can appreciate all the work you put into that.

Createology said...

Shows are always sew much work for such little reward. Your items are adorable and might sell well through family and friends. Creative Bliss...

barbara woods said...

Very cute

margaret said...

how disappointing, all those lovely things you made and no footfall. Maybe they would sell on line.

Carol said...

Craft fairs are so hard. Sorry they had two on the same date. Don't give up. Post in your Etsy shop too. And it's still early enough to find another craft fair for the month of November. Still time for holiday shopping.

Calicojoan said...

Years ago I did craft fairs, and did very well at them, but once we started seeing all the things mass produced in China, it made a big impact on the market. I'm sorry that your show was not as great as you hoped for. It's a real bummer for sure! For what it's worth, your display looked great!

QuiltSue said...

I'm sorry your show was not a great success since you worked so hard on getting things ready.