Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sandhills quilt show 3

part 3 of the quilt show

another neat baltimore type quilt

2014-09-27 041

lots of mini quilts

2014-09-27 042

more fun! Sonja was SUCH a big girl helping carry the camera case Smile

2014-09-27 0432014-09-27 044

This one was my favorite (I voted for viewers choice)

Love all the applique and all the colors. each petal was appliqued with matching thread.

2014-09-27 0452014-09-27 046

This one was I think Laura’s favorite- she almost bought the pattern.

nice blue embroidery with blocks and nice quilting

2014-09-27 0472014-09-27 048

a tiny TWISTER quilt, those things were maybe 1” if not smaller.

2014-09-27 049

another mini one

2014-09-27 050

and teeny applique

2014-09-27 051

at the top of the balcony were quilts displayed, can’t remember what they were for, but some sort of donation/charity

2014-09-27 052

here’s the golf cart again, hilarious!

2014-09-27 053

some neat art quilts

2014-09-27 054

this was was much nicer looking from far away, up close it was like the colors washed together, but after I took the picture and looked at the camera I saw the design!

2014-09-27 055

I love black and white quilts with pops of color

2014-09-27 056

This one had so much neat machine quilting!

2014-09-27 0572014-09-27 058

and cool dragonflies- I saw the pattern later at a booth.

2014-09-27 0592014-09-27 060

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Dolores Fegan said...

Thanks for sharing more of the quilt show!