Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sandhills quilt show 2

Here’s more pictures of the quilt show yesterday

Here’s a neat hexagon quilt, made e  think of the Go cutter.

2014-09-27 021

And this quilt had block element of a quilt I sent to Island batiks yesterday, so I  thought that was kind of fun- mine is still totally different.

2014-09-27 022

This quilt had signatures on the white blocks, the quilt was made for Alzheimer patients, very touching.

2014-09-27 0232014-09-27 024

And look! a kitschy BOM quilt! I thought that was so funny- and some other blocks in there too

2014-09-27 0252014-09-27 026

This quilt was really pretty

2014-09-27 027

This one too, looked like computerized machine quilting.

2014-09-27 0282014-09-27 029

and a fun kiddie appliqued quilt

2014-09-27 030

This was wholecloth that was either cross stitched on or just quilted

2014-09-27 031

I really like brown and pink together too, this was a lovely quilt

2014-09-27 032

and a nice black and white quilt

2014-09-27 033

This one with bluework embroidery and lots of beautiful quilting

2014-09-27 0342014-09-27 035

and art quilt with lots of thread art

2014-09-27 0362014-09-27 037

and this one was cool too with sort of folded double fabrics, no idea how it was made

2014-09-27 038

and another funny hexagon quilt, love the borders with sea creatures

2014-09-27 0392014-09-27 040


Dolores Fegan said...

Love following you along to the show!

Michele said...

Makes me want to get to a show myself. It has been way too long but thankfully there are a couple of local ones in the coming weeks.