Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sandhills Quilt show 1

Yesterday I went to pinehurst/southern pines with my friend Laura and my girls to Sandhill’s quilt show.

The show was at a huge barn by a racetrack.

2014-09-27 001

After a potty break we saw this fun golf cart covered in quilts!

(Pinehurst is a huge golfing area)

2014-09-27 002

Here’s a fun Christmas quilt

2014-09-27 0032014-09-27 004

And a quilt with 12 months of houses- gave me ideas for the GO! house die I have. hmmmmm

2014-09-27 0052014-09-27 006

a fun black and white embroidered quilt

2014-09-27 007

Can’t remember what this one was called, but it’s about Sunbonnet Sue making a quilt, finding the pattern, picking out fabrics, cutting, arranging, sewing, quilting and displaying at a quilt show

2014-09-27 008

This one was neat too with LOTS of dense quilting

2014-09-27 0092014-09-27 010

A cute vegetable quilt

2014-09-27 011

And I LOVED this one with ann the hexies and birds, such a clever idea!

2014-09-27 0122014-09-27 013

a Baltimore type of quilt

2014-09-27 0142014-09-27 015

and 12 days of Christmas

2014-09-27 016

can’t remember the name of this one either, but it was stunning and loved the quilting too

2014-09-27 017

2014-09-27 0182014-09-27 020

Meanwhile the girls had fun every time they stepped over a cooling register in the floor.

2014-09-27 019


Dolores Fegan said...

Enjoying the show! TFS

Michele said...

Thanks for sharing the eye candy.