Friday, September 26, 2014

Mini hexagon purse tutorial

Uhhh, this week I saw a link to this tutorial.
This hexagon purse is just ADORABLE!!
I just HAD to make one, the tutorial is in spanish, but luckily there’s LOTS of pics, so it was pretty easy to figure out.
anyways, here’s my version
I used my GO! cutter to cut out 16 paper and 16 fabric hexagons using the 1 ” die, I used 4 fabrics, so 4 of each.
I also printed the sewing chart she had on her blog.
2014-09-21 001
I love to glue baste! so I glued all the papers (cardstock) onto the fabrics
2014-09-21 002
added another line of glue on the paper close to the edge but not ON the edge and folded over the fabric.
2014-09-21 003
Then did the next side and adding a bit of glue on the fabric that’s folded over and continued around
2014-09-21 0042014-09-21 005
then I sewed it together with a small whip stitch in pink thread, I started at the middle with the hexie flower and I THOUGHT that I could sew it so none of the same fabrics touched and I was RIGHT!
2014-09-21 007
Now this is there I made mine different than hers.
I also had glue basted all the sides on ALL the hexagons!
I laid it out on batting and cut around (maybe I should have left a little bit to trim later as it shifted slightly, but it still worked)
2014-09-21 0082014-09-21 009
Then I flipped the hexie project over and laid it on the lining fabric and trimmed around, roughly 1/4” and cut slits in the corners
2014-09-21 010
it’s all pinned with the batting underneath BTW (that’s where I think the batting should have been a bit bigger and then trimmed as I sewed the lining together…
2014-09-21 0112014-09-21 012
At first I sewed a few seams with the hexies being right side out, but that didn’t work, so I flipped it back to the picture above and sewed almost all the way around, leaving 3 hexie sides open for turning.
2014-09-21 0142014-09-21 015
and turned it right side out, then sewed it closed
(the batting is inside already)
2014-09-21 0162014-09-21 017
I found a large black button and snaps to sew on, the picture of her sewing the snaps on confused me, the construction of this purse is just so different! it’s SEW cool.
The sides are NOT straight up and down
2014-09-22 001
and the back and bottom is almost like a triangle.
SEW clever!!
2014-09-22 002
Here it is open and with a measuring tape in it, it’s not very big, but CUTE CUTE!!
2014-09-22 0032014-09-22 0042014-09-22 0052014-09-22 006
This is the bottom, see how oddly shaped it is? you definitely need the stitching chart!
it’s SO CLEVERLY designed!
2014-09-22 008
it took me maybe 3 hours one night to sew!
Now I want to make a bigger version!! maybe using the bigger hexie spot on the GO die that’s usually for the fabric… or how about a teeny tiny one?? uhhh that would be adorable too!
2014-09-22 007


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Very cute little bag! Thank you for sharing this.

Lisa J. said...

Very nice little hexagon purse. I might have to make one.

SewMisadventurous said...

How did you get the papers out after all that glue? It's a cute little pouch for sure, but does it have any structure to it?

Sharon said...

I had also seen this earlier this week, but hadn't gone to the site to see it. I did like it a lot & am glad I saw your post, because I'd thought I'd make 2 sided hexies & then whip stitch them together. May try both ways. Have a great week!