Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kaleidoscope table runner

I completed this kaleidoscope table runner.

I have already made it into a pattern and have had testers a “long” time ago, but my “problem” is that on FPP patterns you need a 1” square on the template page, I can insert it on the page with the directions, as that is in MSWord, but not on the template pages.

Anyone know how to “fix” that? the templates are from EQ, but I save the page as a PDF, so I’d need a program or something that can modify PDF files, I don’t want to spend a ton of $ on Adobe acrobat.

2014-09-03 002

Here’s a close up of the quilting, I did curves on the blocks, bubbles on the border

2014-09-03 003

and leaves on the outer border.

The red printed fabric is from Singapore and on ONE Selvage edge there was a border print all the way down, so I ended up cutting 2 1/2” strips of that and turning into the binding, I like it!

2014-09-03 004

I’ll show pics from my testers and once I figure it out, I’ll add the pattern on craftsy Smile

This is Diane’s version


And Joan’s version



and Nancy’s version





Then Sharon’s version




and Wendy’s version


I think they all turned out great!

I also need a good name for this one!

any ideas?


auntmeanie682 said...

Try Nuance PDF converter Professional 8. It is much cheaper (I think I got mine for 99) and you can update PDF files.

Barb said...

Just adorable...

Nancy said...

Very nice. Beacon pops into mind for a name.
Found this info. about PDF programs


Cindy Dahlgren said...

Wonderful! It would be awesome to test your beautiful quilts, they are so great. If you ever have need, I can direct you to my instagram and flikr feed, once I update them for a change. Can't update with the pattern testing patterns yet, but need to put some other stuff on. cdahlgren at live dot com

SewMisadventurous said...

Is it just me or do these centre squares remind anyone else of Windmills? It looks like Windmill blades on top of a sort of Arkansas Star, to me so Starry Windmill, or Windmill Star, pops into my head. You don't see it so much in yours Bea, but in the other plainer fabrics it stands out more. I love how very different they all look from the very same pattern, but different visions in the fabrics chosen. It should make you very Proud of Yourself, I hope you are.

Belinda said...

Those turned out great!!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Guiding Lights. It reminds me of those lanterns used in mines. Can't you just print off a pattern page, draw the box and save it back as a pdf? Sometimes it is easier than any program. Have a great day!

Michele said...

They all look great.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful work Bea and love the runners!