Friday, September 19, 2014

Biscornu pincushions tutorial

Ever heard of Biscornu pincushions before?
“a small, 8 sided ornamental pincushion”

I didn’t until I got this email from Designs by Sick
and it was for a bundle of files for these biscornu pincushions.
I had seen one or two done before but after googling how to do it, I jumped on it and bought the files!
This is my favorite!
2014-09-10 012
2014-09-10 013
So here’s how I did it all on the sewing machine
(of course embroidering the squares on the embroidery machine first.
After TOP and bottom is embroidered, I cut out 1/4” from the outer edge
These are 4 1/2”
2014-09-10 014
Then I marked the middle point on the front of ONE piece on all 4 sides and the same on the back of the other piece
2014-09-10 015
For machine sewing, I cut a tiny slit on that mark on both pieces so they are easy to turn.
Now here’s the “tricky” part, you are really sewing them together with one on top of the other but the top piece turned 45 degrees.
So the corner of the top should line up with the line mark on the middle of the bottom piece!
Pin to the next corner, then because I cut a small slit, it’s easy to turn around the corner and keep pinning to the next corner
2014-09-10 016
Pin 7 out of 8 sides, so there’s an opening for stuffing!
2014-09-10 017
Now carefully sew 1/4” all the way around
2014-09-10 018
and turn inside out
2014-09-10 019
Now I stuff my pin cushions with crushed walnut shells, look on amazon for lizard bedding! a whole big bag is less than $10 I think, so that will be enough for a lifetime of pin cushions! (well maybe NOT for me HA HA)
2014-09-10 020
After stuffing it, I threaded a sewing needle and whip stitched it closed
2014-09-10 0212014-09-10 022
Here’s the pin cushion all closed.
2014-09-10 024
Now it’s time to pick a button for the middle, that’s what makes it REALLY special and into more of an 8 pointed shape.
2014-09-10 025
I started by double threading a long needle and double knotting the end and added the knot to the TOP so the button hides the knot!
Then went thru to the other end, being careful to end up in the middle and back and forth a few times (at least two times)
2014-09-10 026
The second time I went thru the back I left a loop there, so when I sewed thru the button holes again and back down, I would wind the needle on the loop twice or three times and pull it tight!
Maybe even knot it one more time and sew thru the pin cushion to the front again but ending up somewhere next to the button, then cut the thread close to the pin cushion and the little piece of thread is hidden inside the pin cushion!
2014-09-10 027
VOILA! here it is.
probably my 2nd favorite design.
2014-09-10 0282014-09-10 0292014-09-10 030
#3 (also 3rd favorite I think)
2014-09-10 0312014-09-10 0322014-09-10 033
and #4 (here I did it all in 1 color instead of 4 colors as the file suggested)
2014-09-10 0342014-09-10 0352014-09-10 036
Lastly was this pink flower, the bottom I used for the top and visa versa, as the large button would cover it up anyways.
2014-09-10 0372014-09-10 038
and all 5 together!
2014-09-10 039
and a biscornu tower!!
2014-09-10 0402014-09-10 041
Now I have two pin cushions to send out for my pincushion swap in September and October.
Carol, do you like any of these? which one do you want?
and Karyn for October, do you like any of these?
Or you two can make a special request!??
and if you both like the same one, I’ll just make another one Smile


Carol said...

Ohhh. I've never seen these before. All of them are fabulous!! I love the yellow and black ones the best.

Carol said...

These are something I've never seen before...interesting and beautiful!

cucki said...

I love them..they so sweet xxx

tubakk said...

Really sweet pincushions.

Sandra said...

Bea you are going to get me in trouble. Went to Designs by Sick and ended up with a 1 week membership and I am now madly downloading designs :)

DebraKay Neiman said...

Oh Thank you so much for the tutorial. I have a lot of square patterns for my embroidery machine and I wanted to try to make one of these. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

Nancy said...

I thank you for the tutorial. I had seen these on another blog, but did not know how they were put together. I think the photo of the stack of finished pincushions is just great.

Createology said...

I have seen these and found them to be quite intriguing and also difficult looking. You have made it look very doable. Thank you. They are beautiful. Creative Biscornu Bliss...

SewMisadventurous said...

I like the Red Roses&the Navy Blue one best out of the tower you made, it certainly takes the pain out of a job being able to do it on a machine. There have been a couple of Biscornus in the P.C. Swap this year, I've made one that I've yet to send out (but mine's not embroidered). Pam sent one to Sarah(Mar)and to Wanda(Feb). In June Judy sent a really beautiful cross stitched one to Shar. You made the steps very clear in the tutorial-another triumph Bea, Thank You!

Michele said...

Those are really pretty and obviously you now have another addiction. LOL

FunThreads Designs said...

My elegant, fun, fabulous pin cushion arrived. THANK YOU!!