Monday, September 22, 2014

Around the World Blog hop

I was tagged!!


I was tagged by two people.

Michele at Quilts From my Crayon box.

Michele I’ve known online for a while and we tease each other about going on retreats together and being room mates- which hasn’t happened (yet)

I have participated in several of her block swaps and WANT her to do another Round Robin swap- otherwise I MIGHT have to host it Smile with tongue out

and Wendy at kwiltkrazy

Wendy is another online friend who has participated in my swaps, especially the pincushion swap- right?


Here’s some questions from the blog hop!

1. What are you working on??

Well I usually always have a bunch of projects going on, but finally last week I finished the last of 3 secret quilts for Island batiks, that are going to fall market.

Here’s some TEASERS Smile

This one is the back of one

2014-09-12 003

and this is a close up of the last one.

2014-09-18 003

I’ve also worked on a bunch of pincushions.

2014-09-10 013

AND owl and kitty eyeglass cases

2014-09-17 002

and MORE pincushions. ACTUALLY pincushion patterns for sale on craftsy!

This house pincushion is here

2014-09-15 003

the tree is here

2014-09-15 006

crazypatch is here

2014-09-15 007

Rose is here

2014-09-15 014

diamond is here

2014-09-15 021

The flower is here

2014-09-13 032

and yellow tulip (biscornu) is here

2014-09-13 030

You get the FPP pattern for the pincushion is 2 sizes and the directions to make them 5 different ways (including biscornu)

Oh, I’m also working on more embroidery!

on a scarf!

2014-09-18 0112014-09-18 013

I also finished sorting the swoon blocks for another swap I hosted!

They are all in the mail now, can’t wait to get started on mine.

2014-09-16 001


2. How does my work differ from others?

Hmm, I think people will just say that I’m PROLIFIC!

other than that, I don’t think my work is any different than many others.

I love bright colors and designing quilts and love that I’ve been published several times now!

I am also very Blessed that I have sponsors now, like Accuquilt,

Island Batiks, Connecting threads and Electric Quilt.


3.Why do I create what I do?

It’s my creative outlet/sanity Winking smile

I love what I do and that I’m able to sit and sew at home and make a little money with it once in a while.

I also LOVE to donate my quilts/ give them away.

I truly feel like God gave me this gift of creativity and if I can be a blessing to others, by giving them a quilt or teaching them how to quilt or just to be an inspiration on my blog, it’s all worth it.


4.How does my creative process work?

Hmmm, I don’t know….

With quilts, I’d say I LOVE LOVE EQ7.

If I’m bored I often sit and PLAY with EQ7 and create something fun.

I create these EQ Tutorials on every other Tuesday here, it’s amazing, I’ve done it for almost 2 years now and I still come up with/learn something new that I want to share.

I’ll also say that it SURE helps that I have my own studio/craft room which is BIG and I have open shelves with my fabrics visible and quilt tops hanging etc. so it’s good at stimulating the creativity!

I also have a big design wall that I like to hang block on to look at while I’m making a quilt. (Sonja helps too!)

Oh and I have to say too, I get very inspired by other quilt bloggers!!



So, now it’s time for me to TAG others (I have no idea how many I am supposed to tag, but I chose 2)

First one is Den syende himmel.

(It’s a play on works- it’s the Sewing heaving- but the word sewing is so close to SEVENTH, so it’s almost seventh heaven)

She’s been part of my pincushion swap since the beginning and she was one of the first Scandinavian bloggers I found (I’m from Denmark but never knew about quilting until I moved to the US, so it’s fun to see Scandinavians doing it too)

Turid also does amazing hexagon projects and other EPP projects


My 2nd person to tag is also a lover of English Paper piecing.

Tonya (hillbilly Tonya) owner of hillbillyquiltshop and designer of Ahhhhs

her blog is hillbillyquiltshop

I can’t even remember how we started following each other’s blogs, but I’ve been there since the beginning of her store and her beginning of designing these AWESOME ahhhhs

(Artistic, Hexotic, Hectic, Hillbilly Hexagons)

#1 – wish I may is probably the most popular one

I’m hosting a block swap with 7 of these, where Tonya created a KIT for them too to be turned into a cute table topper, called 7 wishes

and I mentioned Tonya’s shop, she also sells fabric on FB- which is probably where I buy 75% of my fabrics!

check out Ozark fabrics here


Turid and Tonya will do their blog post on the 29th, jump over and subscribe to their blogs so you don’t miss it Smile


Josie McRazie said...

Can I tell you I LOVE LOVE LOVE LaPassion!! (The EPP there pattern from Grits Life) I have her pattern and it is a MUST get to!!!

tubakk said...

Lovely eye glass cases. Your owls are fantastic! Thank you for tagging me.

Tonya Owens said...

You have so many sponsors because you do a great job! How you do it all is beyond me.
I decided I just need to set one day aside a week to blog. I can't keep up more than that but at least that is something. Maybe will head over there soon :)

SewMisadventurous said...

I think "Prolific" is a perfect word to describe you Ms Busy Bea, and you do love your hexies so your tags aren't at all surprising, lol. I do absolutely LOVE that Tulip biscornu though, was that the one you FPP'd?

SewMisadventurous said...

Yes it is the one you FPP'd found it when I re-read the post. Visited your Craftsy shop and bought it. Ready for when I get my hand back. Thank You for making it available Bea.

Michele said...

I'm working on it...the next modern mini round robin that is. I'm trying to figure out how I might want to change it up a little and when to get it started.

Carol said...

I love how you said you're "prolific" and that you create as an outlet and sanity. Sewing really does keep us sane, doesn't it! Thanks for sharing bits about yourself