Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A few different things

When I was at my quilt guild meeting recently, they were taking about giving more quilts and also working with orphan blocks.
I suggested to do a Round Robin and one lady gave me this heart block to work with. I added some FPPed hearts and a plain white border.
2014-09-13 011
I also found one of my blocks at home, I had embroidered – just for fun! and had no plans for it, I figured it needed a simple border first but I used this funky green (ugly) fabric around it and it really pops!
Now I’m kind of feeling attached to it and don’t know if I should keep it or bring it to the next meeting.
2014-09-13 033
It was fun to see some quilts already made from orphan blocks from last year and I found several of MINE!! and it was neat how they took one of mine and then some others and they all went together into one big quilt.

Would any of you be interested in a Round Robin by mail (US only)??

I’ve been making more owl and kitty eyeglass cases, I figured out that it’s easier if I cut out the fabrics for one of each, at the same time, this way too the thread on the embroidery machine stays pretty much the same too.
2014-09-17 0012014-09-17 0022014-09-17 0032014-09-17 004
And some family pics, we went to the park last week, when the kids only had half a day at school.
2014-09-17 0062014-09-17 0222014-09-17 0262014-09-17 0342014-09-17 099
and I don’t JUST work with fabric!! this is an origami ball which uses 30 square pieces of paper, it’s been a long time since I’ve made one of these, but the kids and I were hanging out in my room and I “forced” them to color/draw or whatever and unplug from electronics, so I joined in the quiet and made this for them Smile
2014-09-17 104
Sonja is getting into using markers and templates!
BTW she’s also using scissors and pretty good at it too!
2014-09-18 005
I also felt like making a tumlber KIT the other day and it took no time at all to cut out a bunch, now I just need to decide if I should just bag them up for the quilt guild or start something myself….. I’ll see
2014-09-18 008
Now I FINALLY got the courage to do this!!
Earlier this year SEWCALGAL had a blog hop with machine embroidery and she stitched out these birds on pashmina scarves, they just looked awesome, so I got 3 of them, but was too scared to try them.
well I finally DID it! used a topper on the scarf too
2014-09-18 0092014-09-18 0102014-09-18 0112014-09-18 012
I love the look!
2014-09-18 013
So of course, once I got started, I had to do the other 2!
2014-09-19 0022014-09-19 0032014-09-19 006
2014-09-19 007
2014-09-19 0052014-09-19 008
Wonder how much I could sell these for at the craft show?
(though I’m partial to the blue and the brown I was thinking of my mom!)
on another note, I’ve made some progress on the EPP hexies using island batiks! Now I’m trying to add pieces to “square it up” a bit, I’m kind of getting tired of this, so don’t know if I should just stop and finish it OR leave it alone for a while and get my purple energy back?!
2014-09-19 001
and here’s another women of the bible block ( I actually skipped one but it’s in the works)
again, the blocks are 3” (3 1/2” here) I did it all FPPed and must say I LOVE the result on this one- ALMOST makes me want to make a bunch of these- but then again they are SMALL and quite lumpy on the back, maybe a tad bigger, I’d do them. hmmm
2014-09-21 006


cucki said...

Wow everything is so sweet x

Vicki in MN said...

You have been a very busy lady, wonderful projects!

Quilter Kathy said...

WOnderful projects... love the scarves!
Can't wait for the mystery step tomorrow!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Your kitties are so cute and it looks like the kids did fine without electronics! What neat embroidery designs, what kind of fabric?

Carol said...

You're a busy little bee!!! I'd join in for a round robin.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love the green on the embroidered block - works perfectly. blessings, marlene

Michele said...

Whew! You've had your hands on lots of projects lately.