Saturday, September 27, 2014

2014 weekly update

Here’s my weekly update of my 2014 list

If it’s in RED then I worked on it recently

If it’s crossed out, then it’s completely done

There should be links on most of them too to previous posts

#1 (2012) giraffe wall hanging –working on the baby giraffe now

#2 (2012) fall leaf blocks swap- ready to quilt

#3 (2012) bubble gum quilt kit won at quilt show –working on appliqued border

#4 (2012) hexies- 43 flowers

#5 (2013)- roman holiday kit 

#6 (Jan 2013) Ahhhh quilt, DONE! (secret)  Mailed to Tonya

#7 (April 2013) – blue/ yellow kaleidoscope blocks, have 5 done.

#8 (Sept 2013) farm animal panel – embroidery panel just done

#9 (Oct 2013) Scrappy Chain quilt QAL – DONE!

#10 (Oct 2013) 12 days of Christmas embroidered blocks done

#11(Dec 2013) Hexie Go! baby boy quilt- DONE!

#12 (Dec 2013)Valentine’s GO project-  DONE

#13 (Dec 2013)prayer garden- DONE

#14 (Nov 2013) Celtic Solstice DONE!

#15 (July 2013) Persian star FPP block swap- Half way quilted- a hole in it

#16 (Jan 2014) – Blue girl Dress DONE

#17 (Jan 2014) – McCall’s Rainbow baskets- DONE!

#18 (Jan 2014) McCall’s batiks – ladybugs –DONE!

#19 (Jan 2014) Quilted Jacket wonky logs – sewing pieces together

#20 (Jan 2014) Women of the bible BOW 3” –finished a few more

#21 (Jan 2014) “knit” quilt for McCall’s – DONE!

#22 (Jan 2014) Apple core quilt- DONE!

#23 (Jan 2014) solids scraps bow ties- DONE!

#24 (Feb 2014) Stuffed owl DONE!

#25 (Feb 2014) Gym Bag DONE

#26 (Feb 2014) – FQ Afternoon wedge quilt- DONE

#27 (2014) Pin Cushion swaps –lots done last week- September is mailed

#28 (March 2014) Embroidery frames here- DONE!

#29 (January 2014) Kitschy BOM- TOP DONE

#30 (?) Faith pillow – DONE!

#31 (2012?) Hidden forest Quilt- working on blocks

#32 (March 2014) Shirt and Girl dress- Girl dress DONE

#33 (March 2014) Scrappy Triangles- DONE

#34 (?) Peanut pics on fabric – no plan yet

#35 (March 2014) Batik Stained glass pattern-DONE!

#36 (March 2014) Mystery Ahhhh- DONE

#37 (March 2014) C.T. Mystery Quilt – top done

#38 (March 2014) –scrappy hexie- McCall’s-webinar DONE

#39 (April 2014) 2 Girl Easter Dresses- DONE

#40 (April 2014) Batik signature quilt – DONE

#41 (May 2014) Stuffed mouse- DONE!

#42 (May) Flowering snowball GO! Quilt –DONE

#43 (June 2014) Swoon block swap – all 16 done and mailed out to everybody

#44 (June 2014) large bag “coffee”- DONE

#45(June 2014) Pine Tree BOMs- testing blocks

#46(June) Cupcake pillow DONE

#47 (June) Red and white quilt- DONE

#47 (July) Go! kite die quilt – DONE

#48 (August) feather pillow- DONE

#49(August) Island batiks – let’s dance – DONE

#50(August) purple dress and mouse for friend – DONE

#51 (August) Go! log cabin quilt- DONE

#52 (August) Purple Hexagons EPP- working on them

#53 (September) Blue Island batik – DONE!

#54 (September) purple island batik- DONE!

#55 (September) Kaleidoscope table runner – DONE

#56 (September) owl and kitty eyeglass cases- lots done

#57 (September) embroidered scarf- 3 done

#58 (September) small tumbler quilt- made into kit- may also make it

#59 (September) hawaiian shirt tissue covers – 3 done

#60 (September) – hexagon purses- 2 done

#61 (September) stuffed mice- 8 done


tubakk said...

I can't understand that you can do so much every month. I have problems with one pincushion, ha-ha. September and October pincushions will leave Norway on Tuesday.

Createology said...

Your lists and accomplishments are quite the inspiration for me to make lists and complete projects so I can check things off. Thank you! Creative List Bliss...

Carla said...

This is such a great idea. I would be able to keep track so much better and on task. You have been so busy and making headway with your list. Good job!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Lots of things marked off that list! You go girl.

Barb said...


Joan Kawano said...

Your chipping away at your list. Much more so than I am mine. Maybe I will pack up all my UFO's and send em to ya! LOL!!

Carol said...

I just don't see how you find all the time in your day to get things done! You're so productive!!