Tuesday, August 5, 2014

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday- printing tips


Last week I emailed EQ about some quilting tips and I thought I would share them here.

I wanted to print out templates for a quilt.

Here’s a tumbler quilt I made a while ago.


When you click on a block and click to print template you usually get the preview of the block in the corner

and here it’s not named so it’s kind of annoying, right?


EASY fix!!

when you are have the block selected and click print and the little box opens up like this


You see the part that says PRINT KEY BLOCK near the bottom left!


click NONE!


and VOILA!

only the template prints!


Now another “annoying” thing, that’s really minor, but I didn’t want it.

was the text at the bottom of a page when you print from EQ.


There’s a “fix” for that too, but it’s kind of “tricky”

in the print box as before click the FONT button.


and you get the font BOX pop up, usually everything is set to Arial font


open up the “choose font for” and select “footer”

then select a font you HATE… I selected a wingding font I had downloaded a while ago.

then click OK

NOW close EQ and open windows explorer and find your FONTS folder or search for it.

Mine was C: windows/fonts I think.

then find that font name and DELETE it!

Go back into EQ7 and if you look under the footer part again it’s blank like this!


I thought that was GENIUS!!

Thanks EQ Tech support Winking smile - you know who you are…

TRY it!


Sherry said...

Great tips Bea, thanks so much I will be putting them to use soon!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Great tips Bea! I'll have to try the one for the footer. Do you only have to delete the font one time???