Friday, August 15, 2014

Accuquilt Go! challenge–Feathers

accuquilt go challenge

This month’s challenge is FEATHERS!

I bought this die a long time ago on sale I think and then never really used it.

Since I’m doing the BOB blog hop with accuquilt this month, I was also looking for something quick and easy to show this time.

2014-08-06 002

I looked at the pillow inserts I had and picked this 16” pillow.

2014-08-06 003

I wanted a pillow to match the kids’ couch, so I had scraps of this light green and solid white left over.

2014-08-06 004

I cut out 3 1/2” strips of white fabric and Heat n Bond and ironed them together.

2014-08-06 005

it was okay if I had “seams” showing

2014-08-06 006

then laid out 3 layers on the Go! die

2014-08-06 007

and cut out a bunch! (plus one small circle)

2014-08-06 008

Then I cut out a square of the light green fabric ( I did the mistake of cutting 16” instead of 16 1/2” but I knew that with a pillow, you can stuff it in there and it will be okay)

I marked the center and diagonally with a washable marker

2014-08-06 009

then laid out the pieces how I wanted it

2014-08-06 010

the outer feathers I wanted to be precise and measure!

2014-08-06 011

then fused them down after removing the paper backing.

2014-08-06 012

I had a scrap left over so I could play with the stitching

2014-08-06 013

Then I used a darning foot and a straight stitch and went close to the edge all the way around TWICE!

2014-08-06 0142014-08-06 015

Then I did the whole pillow top too!

2014-08-06 016

I made overlapping sleeves on the back and did a straight stitch over the folded edges (I made the pieces TOO big here, but didn’t want to redo them, it just took a bit of pushing to get the pillow into it)

2014-08-06 017

I laid the other piece on top facing the opposite way and stitched all the way around. and the edges are zig zagged

2014-08-06 018

Here’s the pillow all done!

2014-08-06 019

Now I was curious how it would hold up in the wash, so I took the cover off and threw it in the wash Smile

2014-08-10 001

I kind of like the tips sticking up, I think it will be better after a few washings.

2014-08-10 002

Have you tried the feathers die?

If you have, link up!


Michele said...

Very pretty and no I don't have a cutter.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

That is one of my favorite dies! Cute pillow!