Monday, July 21, 2014

Trip part 4–Great Wolf lodge and quilt store

Wednesday we left the hotel in KY and drove to the other side of Cincinnati, OH
2014-07-09 004
WE had time to “kill” before we could check in so I looked up a quilt store near by and found one in Loveland, OH
2014-07-09 005
it was Batik Heaven in there!!
Nice ladies that worked there too.
2014-07-09 007
I found a sale section in the back, Kaffe Fassett fabrics for 70% off, so I got 3yds of the pencil one and cleared the bolt on the pink one (a little over 4yds)
my total was $25!! what a bargain!!
2014-07-11 005
Next door was the quilting studio and there were 3 computerized gammil machines! oh wow….. got to talk to the lady/ owner of the machine about long arm quilting.
2014-07-09 008
For lunch we were recommended “the works” stone fired pizza!
except when my pizza came, the topping were cold and I got ham and pineapple and the ham was cut in different sizes, some were 1/4” some were almost 1”…. sad Sad smile
2014-07-09 009
Then we drove to Great Wolf lodge
2014-07-09 011
We had a blast swimming the rest of the day and the next day until 2.30 when we left and drove home to NC- made it home just before midnight Thursday night!
For dinner at Great Wolf, Dan got the idea to order TO GO from Chili’s and he went to pick it up and it was GREAT! they had a special deal, dinner for 2 with appetizer for $20, then we ordered another large appetizer for the kids to split.
2014-07-09 012
When we left GW lodge we went to dunkin Donuts, had some great croissants! ummmm I miss those….. the poor lady was the only one there, working both counters and drive thru AND making the food….
She deserves a STAR!
Glad to be home, I missed my bed and my pillow.
And my own loofa and shampoo!

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Michele said...

We so want to go to a Great Wolf Lodge someday soon. Great bargains you got there.