Thursday, July 17, 2014

Trip part 2–hiking in WV

Here’s part 2 of the trip.
We went hiking to go see some old train tunnels that are now walking tunnels.
I brought a carrier for Sonja, that I hadn’t used since she was a baby, it worked and she seemed to like it, but I’m glad it was short hikes!
She was HEAVY!
2014-07-05 0022014-07-05 006
some tunnels were really DARK inside, fun to take a picture like this
2014-07-05 010
2014-07-05 011
One tunnel was near a stream/creek where we tried to find crawfish.
Once it was caught, Sonja had no problem picking it up and holding in, meanwhile the rest of us were hesitant.
2014-07-05 0142014-07-05 026
Then we went to this old 5 and 10c store.
2014-07-05 052
it even had sewing supplies and a few quilt block patterns.
2014-07-05 053
Had to take this picture for Hillbilly Tonya Winking smile
2014-07-05 055
and look at this! ha ha
2014-07-05 056
We had lunch
2014-07-05 061
and then found another tunnel
2014-07-05 067
This one was really DARK and spooky inside.
2014-07-05 068


Hilachas said...

It sounds like you're having a terrific time. Enjoy!

Michele said...

Fun, fun!