Monday, July 14, 2014

Trip part 1 to cabin in WV

On the 4th of July we woke up early and got ready to hit the road on our week long vacation!

2014-07-04 001

We were invited to go with our friends Laura and Micah to his parent’s cabin in WV.

For 9ish hours we followed their “blueberry” car.

2014-07-04 002

Drove by Pilot mountain

2014-07-04 004

Almost 400 miles ( I think this was at least 1hr into driving)

2014-07-04 007

Thru several tunnels

2014-07-04 009

and we got stuck in a 4th of July parade! or the part where they turn off and turn around.

2014-07-04 0132014-07-04 014

Meanwhile I “borrowed” my daughter’s Kumi loom that I had bought at a quilt show a while ago and I never got to make anything with it.

Here I used patriotic colors!

2014-07-04 015

turned out cute- this one wasn’t long enough to make anything, but others I made long enough to make into an adjustable bracelet.

2014-07-04 016

We arrived at the cabin mid afternoon.

It was in the middle of NOWHERE WV! way down dirt roads. cool!!

2014-07-04 018

Here’s Laura and Sonja hanging out

2014-07-04 027

Micah took Dan and the kids out on the 4 wheeler

2014-07-04 0372014-07-04 040

They are big hunters, but it’s not deer season.

2014-07-04 056

2014-07-04 059

But they still did some target shooting and Bjorn got to try it too.

Too scary for me.

2014-07-04 046

We had some great relaxing days!

2014-07-04 060


Suze said...

Oh, Bea, you make homesick. I was born and raised in WV. My 45th class reunion in there the 1st weekend in August. However, I'm going on a quilt tour to England. My brothers live in two "cities" in WV and one brother's wife is a pastor in another WV city 175 mi from him. They each travel to visit the other every other weekend. They make it work. Looks like you had fun, though.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Great pics and it looks like everyone is having fun!

Michele said...

It does look like you all had some fun