Friday, July 25, 2014

swooning in the kitchen

I finished the Kitschy BOM, it’s a radio Smile
2014-07-15 001
on the kitschy blog, she talks about how BETTY is the perfect housewife and loves cooking etc. So when I saw this block I started thinking about WHAT songs BETTY would be listening to and I think she’s dancing around the kitchen listening to “Frankie Valli” –Can’t take my eyes off you
(My husband actually SANG this song to me on our wedding day! – in 1998)

Meanwhile I’ve been swooning, had a swoon party with Laura last week and we made swoon blocks together for the swap I’m hosting.
2014-07-15 002
2014-07-15 003
This one was the ONLY one who did NOT request a white/beige background so it was fun to make one that was different than the rest.
2014-07-16 004


Michele said...

I like Swoons!

barbara woods said...

That was so sweet , your hubby singing at your wedding