Thursday, July 31, 2014

swoon, ahhhh and ohhh over a camera

I’ve finished more SWOON blocks.

-no surprise there!

2014-07-18 002

2014-07-20 068

I also finished quilting the Ahhhh mini table runner and I added a flange on it, though I should have made it smaller- oh well.

2014-07-18 003

I quilted curved from corner to corner, but also changed the thread color for each section to match

2014-07-18 004

Here’s the back of it.

2014-07-18 005

Now for the Ohhhh!

Recently I got to play with a friends DSLR camera and changing the aperture (something I never really understood, I learned about it in art school, but had a point and shoot camera so couldn’t practice it)

Here are just some fun pool pics.

I love how you focus on the subject and the background and/or the front gets blurry, soooo cool! I want a camera like this!

2014-07-20 0082014-07-20 0492014-07-20 0572014-07-20 058IMG_3372IMG_3394

And I also took this picture of a cucumber in our garden.

This pickle is in a pickle!!

it grew thru the netting half way.


Now here’s comparing my camera and hers, we laid of the floor and just took pics of the toys scattered around.

Mine is first, her camera is the 2nd picture of the doggie.

Big difference but she showed me at least how my camera can do it a little bit!

2014-07-20 086IMG_3427

again mine vs her camera.

2014-07-20 138IMG_3487

And some fun pics, hard to get Sonja to be still Winking smile


Now look at the Zhu Zhu hamster, WOW!, what detail!!


My camera is not BAD though, it took this picture.

2014-07-20 140

Again my camera vs hers.

2014-07-20 141IMG_3496

My camera is a panasonic lumix fz150

hers is a Canon Tebel T5i and she had a good lens (but cheap that couldn’t zoom- she said)

Now I know what I want for Christmas!


What camera do you have?? what do you like/dislike about it?


barbara woods said...

I like your shots, I have a point and shoot Kodak that I gave 200 for years ago

Kathy said...

I have a camera similar to yours. The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS25. I just don't get the appeal of blurry effect in small doses but I like seeing a clear picture ---but maybe that's just because I wear contacts and don't like the blurry world I live in without them...he hee hee. Fun seeing the difference in the two cameras though :)

Michele said...

I like your swoon blocks, of course and it is fun to see all the different pictures. I have a point and shoot but hubs has the big guns for the serious stuff.

MooseStashQuilting said...

I'm with you on understanding aperture. Even after taking a photography class. I have a Canon G9 point and shoot and love it. But then after seeing your post, maybe I am missing out on a lot???? Hummm..

Carla said...

I have a Nikon D50 and D5000. At first I wasn't impressed the D5000 but now I love it. It takes great pictures not so sure about the operator. LOL
Love the pictures of you and Sonja.