Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Swoon block tutorial

This tutorial is for those of you who have joined the swoon block swap I’m hosting this summer Smile
(sorry it’s closed now)- but you can always just make your own Winking smile
I’m not listing fabric requirements, as you’ll make all your blocks different, but a FQ of the 3 colors is plenty. Or just cut into your yardage…
swoon block
With my background color, I cut a 5 3/4” WOF strip
2014-06-14 010
Sub cut into (20) 2 7/8” triangles (first squares, then cut at a diagonal)
here you’ll see I had the strip of fabric double layered, then from the 5 3/4 WOF I sub-cut into 2 7/8” sections 3 times and sub-cut those into 2 7/8” squares and cut at a diagonal.
You’ll also need (4) 2 1/2” squares
(4) 2 1/2” x 4 1/2” rectangles
and (4) triangles from a 5 1/4” square cut diagonally TWICE!
2014-06-14 012
For the 5 1/4” square I opened up the remainder of the WOF strip and just cut ONE 5 1/4” square.
So hardly any waste.
2014-06-14 011
From the “star and points” fabric you’ll also cut a 5 3/4” WOF strip.
sub cut in the same way into (24) 2 7/8” triangles (squares cut at a diagonal)
and (1) 4 1/2” square
2014-06-14 014
From the “house” fabric also cut a 5 3/4” WOF strip
sub-cut into (12) 2 7/8” triangles
(4) 2 1/2” squares
(4) 2 1/2” x 4 1/2” rectangles
and (4) triangles from a 5 1/4” square cut diagonally TWICE!
2014-06-14 013
You can follow the picture of the block above or do it like I did it Smile
I laid out the 4 geese (x2) units like this- 4 with background color and star fabric as wings and the other 4 from the “house” fabric and background fabric for wings.
Also sew 4 sets of the 2 1/2” squares together (background and “house fabric)
Then 8 sets of HST from the “star” and background fabrics
8 HST from the “star” and “house” fabrics
and 4 of the background and “house” fabrics
2014-06-14 015
Here’s the first step done.
and DON”T FORGET TO CUT OFF THE DOG EARS!! – it makes it so much easier and neater to sew!
2014-06-16 001
Then finish the geese and sew the 4 corner units together with the rectangle background piece
Also sew the “diamond” units together like this, in sets of 4, mirror opposites of each other.
I like to iron toward the way of LEAST resistance, otherwise I iron toward the dark
2014-06-16 003
Now lay out the block and sew the diamond sections to the sides of the corner sections, the house rectangles to the bottom of the geese units and stars on the center star by sewing one geese to the side of it and the remaining HST to the sides of 2 of the geese as shown.
(isn’t it just easier to look at the picture??)
2014-06-16 004
Continue to work in rows
2014-06-16 0052014-06-16 007
And VOILA! the block is done!
16 1/2” finished
(I hope Becky likes this block, because I didn’t have any Halloween fabrics but thought the colors would work- let me know, and I can change it if needed)
2014-06-16 008
Only 15 more to go- we’re making 2 for each person, not including ourselves.
If you would rather have a PDF with cutting directions from EQ, click here!

Here's the participants and their color choices
1Becky: Halloween blocks,
White / beige / very light grey background

2Bea: Christmas colors!

White – Not beige or tang- but can have Christmas colors as part of it for Background color – so maybe white with red dots or green dots or plain white or white on white.
Star and points – Red- bright red, again it can be a Christmas print- no santa though and not burgundy, but bright red or print.
“house” part of the blocks – Green, again bright green or Christmas print.
Try not to have the whole block solid! It’s okay that one fabric is a solid.

3Diane: a cream background .. would prefer something like a cream on cream or white on cream type fabric .. but any pale cream will be fine …
for the other parts I would like red and green Christmas fabric .. in any combination .. choice of  which parts are red which green for the person making it to decide .. would ask for just red and green please…. no blue or silver or gold colours

4Kylie: I would love aqua and red combinations with a white background
Aqua – stars, Red – houses on one and opposite on the other.

5Sandie: I would like a low volume print background and red solid 'houses'.  The stars & points can be
block makers choice~ any bright print that coordinates is fine.

I am going to redo one of the girls' rooms as a guest room in the next few months.

6Nancy:I think this would make a lovely quilt to use in decorating the room. 
I would choose the background color to be a light beige. 
The house units a blue-green and the star a coral color. 
EQ sent in file.

7Shar: Background:  maize to meringue
                 light yellow
   House shapes:  stay closer to cerise but can go to berry (just a little too dark)
    Points and center star:  olive to artichoke.
I used Kona color swatches to get the colors of the fabric that I have picked to make mine in.  So the names are Kona colors.  Here are my color choices. I picked a little range because some times it is hard to find the exact color that someone wants so I want to show everyone the way to go.  I hope that helps if it doesn't take the first color. Picture attached in email.


8Laura:I would like a white background, bright turquoise stars and points and then navy blue “houses”

9Andi:I would like patriotic colors in any combination of red, white, blue and yellow-gold.
I would like the block stove mixed, so some can have white. Background, or red or blue . I'm flexible, just glad to participate!

Have fun! and feel free to email me if you have any questions.

I know there's a few who keep emailing me that they signed up, but you are NO-REPLY blogger, so I have no way of reaching you. Sorry :(


Lynn B said...

I love this block. Will you share the EQ file? Then I can come back and make it when time allows.
Lynn B

Barb said...

I have seen these so often and want to make one but haven't as of yet.

Rochelle Marouski said...

Hi I signed up but have not been
Notified, have notifications been sent?
Looking forward to this exchange.
Rochelle Marouski

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

I always love this block and great color choices Bea!!

Rochelle Marouski said...

Very disappointed that I didn't get into the swap.
Does this mean only 9 people are in this swap? That's such a shame with such a large following. Guess quite a few of us didn't comment correctly. lol

Shar said...

I should make mine a little clearer that any print can be added to my colors. Does that help?

Michele said...

Great tutorial. I have the swoop pattern and at some point I'm going to start it.