Monday, June 23, 2014

Pin cushions, fabrics and fun

I was “planning” fabrics for the Swoon block swap.

I was surprised to see that the colors are very close…. lots of us picked a reddish color and white or beige backgrounds.

I do want to say SORRY to those of you who have emailed me about joining now or that you commented earlier about wanting to join.

If you comment and are a No-reply blogger, there’s no way for me to contact you, so I had to skip you Sad smile sorry!

2014-06-20 001

I was also long arm quilting my “ugly” quilt- I’ll show more when it’s done.

Then I got the idea for scrappy binging and I have this bin with leftovers from bindings in the past, so I figured I’d just raid that bin and sew it long enough to cover the quilt! –easy peasy!

2014-06-22 004

And guess WHO had fun with games while I quilted?

2014-06-20 002

She got a hold of pictionary man which has a dry erase marker in it and colored the pictionary GIRL! uh oh….

2014-06-20 003

Then Saturday I got this HEAVY box in the mail!

It was a HUGE pin cushion from Pam from my pin cushion swap group.

I love this big pin cushion!

Look at the mat underneath- it’s BIG Winking smile

I am planning on keeping it downstairs in hubby’s “man cave” where we watch TV at night, then it can double as a pillow- ha ha! no not really.

2014-06-22 001

Here’s mini block from the women of the bible block.

and do you see the pockets on the side? so neat!

2014-06-22 003

Will work for fabric, notions, threads etc…..

2014-06-22 002

Seems fitting to this picture I saw on FB the other day…

Okay George! let’s go…..



Raewyn said...

Wow, that is a serious pin cushion! It is a real work of art!

Rosa said...

It`s super cute.Fun pics!

Barb said...

Yes, let's go buy some fabric..HA!!! Cute one you have there

DebraKay Neiman said...

Love this one, and the embroidery. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com