Tuesday, June 10, 2014

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday- Sampler Quilt


I wanted to show this sampler quilt I created in EQ a while ago.

I’ve always been fascinated with quilt designs that are outside the box and just different.


Here I’m just showing traditional blocks, but you’ll get the idea for creating your own, any way you want.

Start by doing a new quilt CUSTOM SET

48 x 48 is easy to calculate with.


Click on these 3 buttons at the top

show grid

snap block position to grid

snap block size to grid


Now pick a bunch of fun blocks from the block library


On the layout, hold down SHIFT while starting at a corner and dragging a square down over the grid


if you don’t get it perfectly square, you can select it and change the size


You can also choose to work from the center and out


making sure you have the block selected and click the center tools


Keep adding blocks and moving the around or copy and paste


Around the center block I want some flying geese

I found a 4x geese block


and entered it into the quilt design


I copied and pasted it several times and also turned the blocks


how about something simple next to that?

I created a simple block like this


and added it next to the geese


I decided to fill it up with more geese and these simple blocks


Here I colored it with fabrics downloadable from EQ’s site from March called Stonehenge kids


Have you tried to make a custom layout?

Link up if you have Smile


Raewyn said...

Thank you for this Bea - I haven't played with the Custom setting before and see that it could solve some of the issues I was having gettting the picture in my head into eq7! Do you think it would help starting with an on-point block in the centre which is then 'squared up' with setting triangles and then borders of blocks...looks like I will have to play!!!

Andi said...

I thought of you when I had an EQ question yesterday... Is there a quick way to make pieced setting triangles for an on-point quilt layout? Thanks!

Nancy said...

I haven't tried this yet. Will add that to my list of things to try in EQ. Thank you.

JustPam said...

I was trying to follow your directions for a round robin quilt. I cannot find that center button. Is there a trick to that?