Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Doing some english paper piecing

2014-05-29 002
When I got these lovely purple fabrics fro island batiks I wanted to use black with it and had an idea for hexagons!
So I ordered a pack of 25 hexagons from paperpieces.com and 100 of the trapezoid pieces, each 2” on the side.
The hexagons are easy to cut out, I used a fons and porter glue stick and glued the paper to the fabrics
2014-05-29 003
with some of the fabrics I optimized the space
2014-05-29 004
with this small print I had the short edge line up with the dots and each corner ended up touching the X on the fabric too
2014-05-29 005
here it was a marbled effect and I lined the pieces up to go in the same direction.
2014-05-29 006
here there were big circles, so 6 of them (for one hexie) I had the circle be in the middle of the trapezoid, the other set I had the diamond shapes “space” be at the top center, should be fun to sew together!
2014-05-29 007
Here all the pieces are glued and cut, I didn’t really care that the edge are not even or straight since it’s EPP.
2014-05-29 008
I decided to thread baste, as it would use so much glue and these pieces are big, where I’ve glue basted Ahhhh’s (hexagons) because those were tiny pieces.
Here I sewed one hexagon together with surrounding trapezoids and then removed the paper from the black hexagon.
Should be a nice car ride project!
2014-05-31 001
This is how far I got on the LOVE cross stitch which I now put back in the box.
2014-05-29 009


Barb said...

I so love the fabrics...and your hexies are going to be fantastic!!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

You are so neat. Love those colors as well.

Teresa in Music City said...

Your hexies are going to be beautiful!!!!!

SewMisadventurous said...

I envy you the ability to be able to work in a car, Bea, I get really carsick if I try to do anything that involves looking down. And that Dresden quilting looks fabulous, I just made a Dresden block, and can't see myself ever being seduced into a whole quilt of them, lol.

Kay said...

Looking good, EPP is always happy sewing. x