Monday, June 2, 2014

Customers dresden quilt

My customer received my quilt so I can finally show it Smile

2014-05-26 006

I quilted funky flowers and leaves on the spaces between the dresdens

2014-05-26 007

then straight lines around the dresden and in between each petal, leaving the middle alone

2014-05-26 008

This was it was kind of puffy

2014-05-26 009

Here’s the back of the quilt

2014-05-26 010

and more details of the quilting on the frame

2014-05-23 0032014-05-23 004

straight lines are hard to long arm quilt, you have to use a ruler and go really slow and these dresdens were HUGE so I could only do half of one before having to forward the quilt, it was fun though!

Have you ever done a dresden quilt?


Diane-crewe said...

you both did well .. it is a beautiful quilt x

Connie said...

Wow Bea!! I clicked on the photos so I could see your quilting better and it is beautiful! Your straight lines are perfect....sounds like a lot of work. Don't look too close at the lines on my tote.

Raewyn said...

This is a beautiful quilt - great team work - you have done a lovely job of enriching her work.

Nancy said...

Can't wait to see the finished hexies project. The customer's quilt is done very nicely. I made some Dresden blocks for a baby quilt and anotoher I turned into a turkey block. The one I like the best is the kaleidoscope Dresden blocks using Bethany Reynold's Stack 'n Whack method.