Sunday, June 15, 2014

Accuquilt Challenge


I know the 15th falls on a Sunday this month, but I still wanted to schedule this post and show you the challenge die for this month!

the new CUPCAKE die!!

My best friend turned 30 last weekend.

Her husband had emailed me about doing a surprise party for her and that it should be cute/girly/cheesy- anything….

so I thought of 3.0 instead of 30, so everything is cutesy and girly!

I had help from another friend too to plan the party and get decorations too. I’ll show you more later.

I got the idea for this pillow for Laura.

It reads: Look who’s 30 –with a ribbon bow in the middle of the 30- and of course the ribbon is Disney princesses!

2014-05-28 001

Here’s how I made it.

I first made the background for the pillow

then cut out 6 cupcakes, 3 of each from the die, but kept the bases the same fabric- with heat n bond on the back of course.

I then marked the center of the pillow and marked 60” angles around, I also scored or folded the cupcake bases in half sideways, then marked on the pillow a good distance from the center on all 6 lines, where the bottom of the cupcake should be.

2014-05-27 001

removed the papers and ironed them down

2014-05-27 002

I loosely stitched lines around each shape for raw edge applique.

I think I did a double line on all of them

2014-05-28 003

Here’s a close up of the ribbon

2014-05-28 002

and of course I had some disney princess fabric for the back of the pillow too!

And I added a zipper, so she can use the pillow shape later if she gets tired of the pillow front- she said no Smile with tongue out

2014-05-28 004

Of course I also made a princess cake! Laura said she never had a princess birthday cake before, as she has a twin brother.

This cake almost blew my secret btw!

Friday before the party I was baking the cakes and Laura emailed me about going out to lunch because school was done (she’s a private Christian school teacher) so we went out to lunch and walked around Chapel Hill, then got my kids from school and they asked if she could come inside and play games etc and I said I had to clean up the house for the “bible study”- her husband usually has this bible study that we are part of and this time we were hosting it Winking smile

But I had to finish the cake! – good thing I didn’t tell the kids either until Friday night, I knew they would reveal it by accident.

2014-06-06 003

We got a helium tank too and lots of pink balloons!

2014-06-07 001

My other friend is great and decorating, she just pulled all of this together!

2014-06-07 004

And here’s the birthday girl!! she didn’t have a CLUE!! ha ha

(okay she THOUGHT I was making a cake for the bible study, but nothing else)

2014-06-07 013

Of course we had cute princess hats for everybody too

2014-06-07 016

2014-06-07 018

and a princess pinata (homemade by my other friend who did a GREAT job!)

2014-06-07 0212014-06-07 0272014-06-07 0332014-06-07 0342014-06-07 035

We also did some crafts!

2014-06-07 036

Sonja was happy painting with an empty paintbrush

and a dress up relay race that was hilarious!

a GREAT party!

Happy birthday Laura!!


Laura Stutzman said...

That was so much fun! And yes I was completely surprised! Bea you are such a great friend.

SewMisadventurous said...

I'm so pleased for you Bea that the party was a huge success, that cake is fantastic, well done you, and the decorations were beautiful too. I especially love that Sonia's shoes were princess pink to match the cake (whose Barbie did you pinch to model the dress on? lol) And the birthday girl was wearing her fairy wings to belt the pinata. Looks like a good time was had by all. You must have been really chuffed ( which means totally pleased and proud of yourself over here - just in case it means something else over there I thought I'd better clarify) even if you were exhausted after doing all that in secret for her

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What a precious pillow Bea and the cupcake die looks like a lot of fun. I think everyone had a great time and that photo of you getting ready to cut into the Barbie cake is priceless!!