Monday, May 12, 2014

UNC Graduation cake

Our friend Gwen from Singapore graduated from UNC this weekend with HIGESTS honors Smile

Friends from church threw her a party and I made her a cake (of course I made a quilt too but I’ll show that later)

So a few weeks ago I started pinning some unc cake ideas here

and came up with this idea.

2014-05-09 002

Using half of a soccer ball pan

2014-05-09 003

and columns I ordered thru amazon

2014-05-09 004

The party was Saturday and I made the cakes friday and dirty iced them, then made marshmallow fondant which had to be in the fridge overnight, so Saturday morning I woke up early and started rolling out the fondant and it was WAY too pliable and sticky and fell apart as soon as I would lift it up, only managed to cover the dome. So plan B was to frost the whole thing in butter cream.

2014-05-10 001

I frosted the dome in white and more blue too to look like tiles.

2014-05-10 002

Then added the tar heels on the white tier

2014-05-10 003

and I had found these chocolate pearls at the craft store last week so I used those on the edges and just did lines of white frosting on the bottom blue tier.

2014-05-10 004

Here the cake is cooling in the fridge, had to transport it this way too, the drive was 50 min, a bit “scary” but I had it in my lap the whole way

2014-05-10 005

Then assembled it when we got there (the column in the front is not crooked, just looked that way)

2014-05-10 006

And here’s the graduate!! so proud of her! we’ll miss her terribly.

2014-05-10 024


Needled Mom said...

That is awesome! Great job, Bea.

Josie McRazie said...

The cake looks GREAT! I know fondant can look pretty, but it is a pain to work with and personally I'm not to fond of the flavor! Plus if you have vegetarians in the mix they cannot eat it!

Gwen Hwarng said...


Michele said...

I'm glad it turned out well. Congrats to the graduate.