Thursday, May 22, 2014

Neighbor’s quilt

I finished long arm quilting my neighbor’s quilt.

She does everything by hand, including piecing and of course quilting, but this one was a joint effort with her friend and then they wanted it machine quilted. I don’t know what the pattern is called but they had SO much trouble with it, nothing was accurate. She had told me about it while they worked on the blocks, how frustrated they both were, her working by hand and her friend by machine and they both cut and sewed according to the directions and still some geese got some wings tips cut off or their beaks….

Now I’m SO curious, I want to see the pattern and make it too, I actually made a mock up in EQ to see.

Anyways, I quilted it Smile

2014-05-20 001

I did straight lines on the checkered part and feathers here on the big heart.

2014-05-20 002

On the geese I did curves from corner to corner, feathers on this vase.

2014-05-20 003

and more curves and bubbles on the skinny borders

2014-05-20 004

Meanwhile SOMEONE fell asleep behind my frame, on top of fabric, threads and whatever else she had made a mess with.

2014-05-19 001

Nice place to take a morning nap Smile

2014-05-19 002

right in the sunbeam

2014-05-19 003

I’ve also started sorting shapes left over from ahhhh’s

I need to have Tonya email me the pics of the first 50 I think, so I can print them and keep them for later.

I want to pick ONE design and make a bigger project… we’ll see Smile

2014-05-20 005


Barb said...

That is a fun quilt!

Michele said...

It turned out great but I like the idea of the nap even better.